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A mother makes up her 2-year-old girl, what are your thoughts?

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Segment – Analysis of our Society’s Diaries (ASD)-(ANALYST’s OPINION)
Topic – A mother makes up her 2-year-old girl, what are your thoughts?

Key notes: Recently the internet went berserk after a mother posted a picture of her 2 year old girl wearing a heavy make up. If you think making up a 2 year old child is bad, at what age should mothers allow their little girls access to their make up kits? I have seen little girls play with heavily-made-up-dolls, do these heavily-made-up-dolls teach the little girls anything about make up?

Find out ASD ANALYST’s thoughts….



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I am a man, and I can’t say I totally understand why women wear makeup. Therefore permit my expressions to be slightly flawed along the lens of a man.

Through observation and experience, I believe women wear makeup as an expression of their artistic side, and to enhance their beauty. The quantity and quality of the makeup depends on a lady’s religious leanings, financial strength, self-image, occasion intended to attend and the presence or absence of the desire to impress or make a statement.

As one man’s food is another man’s poison, what is heavy to Lady A might be simply light to Lady B. Female folks wear makeup, simple! It’s only a matter of time before a girl/lady/woman starts to wear it. Is it bad or not, I judge not.

It’s a proven fact that children learn more by observing rather than being lectured. Even if a mother doesn’t makeup, there is no guarantee that her daughter would not be interested in it, how much more when she uses makeup. It would be the height of hypocrisy for a father who married a mother when she used to and still uses makeup to forbid his daughter from making up! However, the parents have the responsibility of teaching moderation and modesty to the child.

I suppose telling a child “when you are 12 yrs old, you will makeup like mummy” statement would suffice to calm the girl’s curiosity, and help her understand that some stuffs are for adults, and that freedom comes with responsibility. As for the heavily made up dolls, a parent that believes so should or shouldn’t buy it for the child. Thanks



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Guess Iyke

Guess Iyke

H N Y once more to my analysts. I pray this year marks the beginning of something new in our lives..I appreciate you all.

A mother makes up her 2-year-old girl, what are your thoughts?

It is hard to answer this question without drawing arguments or criticism from both sides of the divide. I want to take a cue from India Arie “i am not my hair”. Figuratively, it means; “who i am has nothing to do with what i wear”. “Even my make up”. That will be a good argument.

However, a child is a child and should do what children do. An adult is an adult and should do what adults do. I do not subscribe to teaching a child at 2 how to be an adult.

Call me “old school” all you want but i doubt if i’d every reckon with making up a 2 year old.

But again i thought about this; what about the little girls we use as little bride for weddings? I’ve seen some with heavy make up…the thought of that almost floored my argument…hmmm.

“Don’t make your child so grown that they forget how to be children”

I’d leave it at that.

We really are all learners and i appreciate YOU my ANALYST’s for sharing your opinion. I look forward to more topics and your contributions. Thank you so much as we continue the conversation on this thread. Thank you for viewing Guess Iyke’s (ASD). You can join also our team of ANALYST’s.

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