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About Us

About Us
About Us
GUESSLINKS GLOBAL. Home of APE Home of Advertisement, Production and Edutainment OUR VISION: To be a global impact company passionate about quality entertainment and viewer’s education. OUR MISSION: To bring to the fore the impact of our daily activities by providing a unique link between people and the global village. Our mission has given rise to our online TV – GUESS TV.
GUESS TV: It is an edutainment video blog where we showcase varieties of our branded programmes. A web television with inspirational programmes that combines news, entertainment and education to delight our viewers. Our brands On GUESS TV, IMPACT FORMULA; A talk show with a diverse blend of interviews with guests from all sectors of the economy (primary sector, secondary sector, tertiary sector etc). A programme with a mix of WHAT and HOW as every segment is designed not only to teach but also to convert ideas to usefulness.


  • GuessLinks Video AD-Plus

    Video advertisement that shows the relevance of what you do plus a show of your personality. We use our unique platform to publicize your products, skills and creativity. Are you doing business, an entrepreneur, an artiste? Do you have talents that you want to show the world? Then you need to advertise on GuessLinks Video AD-Plus so we can show the world what you want to be known for. Your product plus your personality.

  •   GuessLinks Analysis of our society’s diaries(ASD

    A forum where we have a purpose driven close conversation with people from all walks of life and we exchange views on topics that boarder on our society. These topics are dissected by our invited pundits such that our viewers can digest the contents; this is aimed at educating and broadening our horizon.

  •   GuessLinks Wages and Income creation (WIC); 

    concise lectures on financial literacy. We host successful entrepreneurs and managers from all sectors and they share free and impactful business and investments ideas with the aim to improve our viewers’ business acumen, guide viewers make proper career and investment decisions and also lecture viewers on financial risk management. This also includes tips on how to start your own business and how to make retirement plans. Tips on how to prepare for a job interview and how to maximize job output. Here dreams meet reality.

  •   GuessLinks Wellness and Health education (WHE)

    an incisive talk on health. We invite renowned doctors and Wellness Instructors and they share free knowledge of common health challenges and simple tips to staying hale and hearty.

GuessLinks Inspirational Snippets; we create and produce short inspirational and educational videos that uses still images and captions to tell a story.

We have so far produced; “Identity”, “True-Treasures”, “Bad Government or Bad Citizens”. We also make short informative and motivational dramas for viewer’s pleasure.

So far we have produced “Music in the eyes of your fans” and “You are who you say you are”.


“Education will be a beautiful work of art when it’s expressed through the eyes of entertainment”. So each edition of our programme promises to combine teaching and pleasure to feed the mind of our viewers. Always a new discovery – Always a new inspiration.


Iyke Nwachukwu is the president and CEO of GuessLinks Global, the owners of GUESS TV and GUESSLINKS QUOTE BOOK.

A man with a distinct personality driven by his passion for quality entertainment as he hosts our talk show IMPACT FORMULA with panache.


We live in a world where we gain experiences as we daily interact with different people. I have always been a lover of inspirational and motivational quotes. Many of these quotes are inspired by life experiences. I will quickly pause and rewind a movie when i hear a line that catches my interest.

This interest in quotes has inspired me to launch



GUESSLINKS QUOTE BOOK; Are you a quote lover?

We collect and we publicize ORIGINAL inspirational and motivational quotes so that anyone, anywhere in the world can easily access and appreciate your creativity.

Quotes on family, religion, society, fiction etc. Do you create your own quote?

Then you need to join our GUESSLINKS QUOTE BOOK family and meet people of like minds as we share our ORIGINAL quotes.


Our ultimate goal is to reward these intellectual properties as i have a dream that one day we will have a Nigerian quote award. “People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it”, -George Bernard Shaw-. Anyone can make a quote. You do not need to be a celebrity, a philosopher or famous to make a quote but your quote can make you famous. You too can become a William Shakespeare or an Aristotle.

Join our GuessLinks QUOTE BOOK family and; We will showcase & promote your creativity You will meet people of like minds Get rewarded for your creativity

You never know who you will inspire for “Your knowledge is nothing until it has impacted others”.

To join our GuessLinks QUOTE BOOK family;

  1. Go to Registration
  2. Fill out the registration form
  3. Follow the instructions in your email
  4. Go to the Quotebook
  5. Select Subject
  6. Click on New Quote
  7. Fill in the fields and Submit


The coinage EDUTAINMENT is gradually becoming relevant in the ever evolving world and GUESSLINKS GLOBAL aspires to become a universally recognized edutainment company set to reach new heights.


None of our creativity is for our own consumption but for the consumption of our viewers so we promise that whatever GuessLinks Global labels must be of positive impact.

You might not GUESS our next brainchild but we will LINK you to it….GUESSLINKS GLOBAL…”Your confidence, our business”.