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Are you going for an interview? Every employer wants your ‘APE’

Here are 5 key things every employer looks out for during an interview

A for ATTITUDE: This can never be over emphasized. An interviewer can deliberately put you under pressure just to test your attitude and how you react to a perceived negative situation. Some say “attitude is everything”; Well, it just might not be everything but it sure amounts to something great.

P for PASSION: How passionate are you about life, how passionate are you about the job you seek. The manner you answer questions especially as it relates to the position you are applying for can be make the difference. Show passion without being verbose.

E for EXPERIENCE: Paper qualification might just amount to nothing without experience. No matter how bad you are with something, the more you do it, the better you get just by a function of repetition. Employers will appreciate you more if you have spent X amount of years gaining experience in relation to the position you are applying for. Even experiences you gained from voluntary work can amount to something.

INNOVATION: Do you think outside the box? It is very good to follow orders but it is even better to be innovative. When an assignment appears to be unsolvable by the equation given by your employer, what do you do? Do you simply pack up? Being innovative is key.

PATIENCE: This is one virtue that can stand you out. Ironically, this can also be evident in your CV. How long you spent with your previous employer(s) can connote patience. No employer will want to employ a person who will use his establishment as a stepping stone. You need to find blend of patience and ambition so as to catch your employers fancy.

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