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Can a woman from a divorced home make a good wife?

Secondly, if you want to marry a girl and you discover that her parents failed in marriage, will you marry the girl?


How are you Iyke? I heard this somewhere and i wondered how correct it is. The speaker was saying that before you seek for a girls hand in marriage, you should first confirm if she is from a broken home. You should find out if her parents are together and that if her parents are divorced, it is a bad sign.

The speaker however did not talk about if male children from broken homes can make good husbands. His emphasis was on the women.


Guess Iyke, can you please put this on your platform; i need to know if children who have divorced parents can grow up and have their own successful marriages or is that their parents history will hunt them?

Secondly, if you want to marry a girl and you discover that her parents failed in marriage, will you marry the girl?

Please post this message Iyke and i will await responses.


Thank you for writing…This is hot!!!!! I will put it up with my ASD Analyst’s and once i have posted it, i will let you know. Thank you so much.

Thank you for sharing your TRUE STORY with GUESS IYKE. I wish you the best in whatever decision(s) you make plus please look out for comments on this thread. God bless u plenty.

Guess Iyke

Thank you for reading GUESS IYKE’s TRUE STORIES..Beta to follow you..

2 Responses to Can a woman from a divorced home make a good wife?

  1. Jerimaya says:

    Yes now! The person that is asking the question, is he perfect? My wife is from a separated home. She is a good woman, and she is a fantastic wife!

    If this person believes women from broken homes makes bad wives, no matter how much we comment, he would stick to his belief. Am out of here!

    • Anonymous says:

      People (l said people cos it involves both men & women)from broken homes l notice are more successful at marriage in d sense dat they guide their marriages jealously not wanting d repeat of what happen to their marriage.Another thing is dat it doesn’t really matter if they are from broken marriage or not,l av a family friend dat d wife is from a home with both parent,but d husband is from a broken home & their marriage collapsed,why? Not cos the husband is from a broken home but cos he never had a home,so he could not real value one,when d parent divorced, d mother left wit him,when d mother remarried,d new husband started maltreating d boy,d mother had to go & drop d boy wit her brother,d case got worse,he was taken to another family in Ilorin where he saw hell,he managed to finish his secondary school there,from there,he moved in some friends where he started struggling by himself, he managed to make success of his life but he never appreciate family life,hence his broken marriage. So it applied to both male & female & its not abt broken marriage but d kind of family life one has

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