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Weddings & Events

wells main

My “Mr.Real” ASD analyst Mr.Wells gets married {Pictures}


On the 8th of April Mr.Wells got married to Yemisi and Guess Iyke was there to honor them

koga 1

KOGA Faith Foundation Powers a Key Partnership Summit at Federal Palace Hotel V.I, Lagos (Pictures)

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Mobilizing faith based community initiatives for socio economic development; The American example

A J main

Beautiful ladies have a ball with Anita Jerry as she parties

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Happy birthday Anita J

Anita 2

Beautiful ladies everywhere..Guess Iyke honors Anita J as she celebrated her birthday(pictures)

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Happy birthday once more Anita J…U rock!!!!

Jerry 8

My top fashionista Anita Jerry celebrated her birthday yesterday with some hot! hot! ladies (pictures)

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Anita J Styles celebrated her birthday yesterday night at Lekki phase 1 and Guess Iyke was sure there to represent….


Guess Iyke’s Fashionista Tolani Weds Olu (Pictures)

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#OLUTOLANI2016 – Saturday Oct 15 is a day to remember for Tolani and Olu. It was an awesome event. Beautiful people everywhere.


Guess Iyke’s ASD analyst Zee weds on independence day (pictures)

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Nikkai and engagement ceremony between Zainab Adedolapo and Austine Emeka took place today. Awesome event – Beautiful people.