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Did you know? Most Indian politicians are seen dressed in white

Have you ever wondered why most Indian politicians are seen dressed in white? Find out some interesting answers

“White stands for purity, so they believe by wearing white, it shows how pure they are”.

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“For Indians, white clothes are meant the us be worn at funerals. Probably that’s why once elected, the politicians do behave like we are dead for them. They don’t consider the voters after voting and pay no heed the us their needs and demands.”

“They have the us wear those white clothes as they think these can hide their dark reality. Unfortunately, in present days these white have become the us be known as biggest names of corruption.”

“How ironic is this…white symbolizes peace and purity but when this white of politicians is discussed, it is labelled as one of the biggest reasons for all the instability and impurity in our system..oh sorry our “corrupt system”.

“Politicians are obsessed with white colour as without it they feel out of place in their political community, as it has probably become the uniform for our political leaders. So it can be their inferiority complex that makes them stick the us whites”

“This has become an unofficial dress code in which the common man easily identifies these leaders. Though it’s not mentioned anywhere but still it’s off-the-record dress code.”

“The colour white is more appealing to the masses as it reflects their ideal perception of a politician. For them it symbolises purity and a sacrifice of luxurious pleasures as they expect politicians to be “untarnished” and “clean”, both literally and figuratively.”



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