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Does a man have more control over a woman just because he sexed her?

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Topic – Does a man have more control over a woman just because he sexed her?

Key notes: Or can i say…”does a woman become vulnerable to a man after he has sexed her”? This is one subject i wish i can get the view of both sex. Most times a man plays “so nice”, “prim and proper”, “well behaved” with a woman, but once he has sexed her, the tables changes. The man becomes more authoritative, more demanding, can comfortably say NO to her regarding things he was saying YES to before he sexed her. Even the woman begins to tolerate things from the man, things she never tolerated before he sexed her. Leaving me to ask: Is there something about sex that gives the man an edge over a woman?

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Not really, and it depends.

Firstly, we all learnt about sex one way or the other. And had sex for the first time under various circumstances. And have either dated or refrained from dating due to previous experience(s). All these has an effect on how we see sex, and our resultant actions after having sex with someone.

Some men see sex as a prize, a mark of conquest. Some see it as an ego booster, a sign that they are the “men”. Some ladies see sex as a tool to manipulate, some see as a tool that a man uses to dominate. The list is endless.

Secondly, when people date, guards are generally high. The moment they make love, one drops guards faster than the other. Oftentimes, it’s the more emotional one who drops the more guard, which is most likely to be the female. After all, you don see me finish, wetin I wan dey form for again? The one with more emotional guard tends to dominate the other one, if he doesn’t exercise restraints.

Thirdly, I think it is natural for most males to take responsibility, and natural for people to defer to an obvious leader. So it is safe to conclude that most ladies defer to the men they date. When a leader is surer of his community, he tends to assert more aggressively. Thus it seems to be that a man controls a woman better when he has sexed her simply because he is surer of himself that he can make love and elicit moans from the woman.

In conclusion, I don’t think we men should look at sex as a tool of control over a woman. The fact that she yielded her body to me is a honour, and it means she trusts me enough to show me her nakedness, and merge her body with me. It’s a honour that shouldn’t be used to control her, but to lead and serve her. Thanks

Mr. Wells


100% Yes for me. Why? Long ago i read about Oxytocin. Oxytocin is usually released during sex. When we hug or kiss a loved one, oxytocin levels increase; hence, oxytocin is often called “the love hormone.” I believe it can create a certain amount of bonding between a woman and a man who engage in sexual activity . So it may, to some level allow a woman become somewhat attached to someone she has had sex with.

This may also allow her give him a certain amount of control over her. The extent of this privilege may differ.

So with just this one fact i agree it can allow a man award a certain amount of control over her. let me see whats Jay Chams and Zee would think.




First of all, it depends on your kind of person as a woman. If you become vulnerable and begin to take shits that can never come close to you before you guys had sex,then, you are on your own.

Secondly, there is nothing like the man “sexed her” rather “We had sex”. Don’t forget that it is a consensual sex not rape,so why will the man think he has arrived by seeing and feeling me?

Has he suddenly forgot that i saw and felt him too?

Thirdly,some women become vulnerable after sex because that man they thought is their Alpha and Omega. My advice: EVEN AFTER THE SEX, RAISE YOUR HEAD UP,YOUR SHOULDER HIGH AND MOVE ON LIKE A QUEEN THAT YOU ARE.

In conclusion, Sex doesn’t diminish being a queen otherwise Queen of England would have been dethroned.

God bless.

Guess Iyke

Guess Iyke new

Thank you Chams, J, Wells and Zee. I will always appreciate you guys…ALWAYS…There will be no ASD without you peeps. Gracias.

Does a man have more control over a woman just because he sexed her?

Honestly: With my life experience so far, this question seems to have different answers. I’ll take the account of a man and a woman….


I subscribe to the argument that there is something about sex that gives the man an edge. I’ll date back to when we were in the university. We could “hustle” a girl for 6 months or even more. Do all the nice things, take all the embarrassment(I tell you), but once we sex her….Phew! The story changes. We have conquered. All the “boy,boy” we were doing for her fades faster than it came. You can comfortably tell the girl…”come o! Na me you dey form for”(Is it me you are giving attitude). We can make this statement because, we felt that we have taken something from her, we have taken her pride, we have defeated her…Now that was a stage of our lives.

Noteworthy to mention that it is very easy for some men to meet a woman and in less than 24 hours want to have sex with her. So for some men, sex can be a game.


As opposed to the man, it usually takes a lot more for a woman to give her body to a man(though i’ve met women who think nothing of sex and can have it by the flick of a finger).

So for most women, they will rather take their time to study a man etc before they give in to sex. Most times, their reason is “so he will not think, i’m cheap”. This….. so-he-will-not-think-i’m-cheap can mean that, “before i give him everything”, “before i give him my most priced possession”, “let him work hard for it, so he can value it”.

This statement could then mean that the woman believes that sex is the zenith. Once a man has that, he has won(note that this could just be one interpretation).

However, there are these set of women that use sex as a tool of manipulation. They can turn men to zombies with sex. You can see a 20-year-old girl, controlling a 50-year-old man with sex. She has sexed him, yet she has the upper hand. In fact enh….the man can do anything, i mean anything to keep her. There are cases where women use sex to manipulate men to kill for them, steal for them, beat up other people for them….”so who then has the upper hand”?….#teeth


Does a man have more control over a woman just because he sexed her? I’ll give 3 responses:

1. In a very natural situation YES. I know you will ask me to define “Natural”…Well, all other things being equal, a man is “in charge”. Most times, it takes a man to sex a woman before he can be “in charge”. So in this context my answer is YES.

2. In the case where the a woman uses sex to manipulate a man…I’ll take an exception and my answer is NO. The woman is definitely in control.

3. I’ll say to the women..NO man should have control over you just because he has sexed you. Control is all in the mind. “sex” is only a TOOL. There are other things that can be used for control. If a you (a woman) make a mistake and fall for the wrong man, and the man thinks he has an edge just cos he has sexed you….wise up…It will only happen if you allow it.

We really are all learners and i appreciate YOU my ANALYST’s for sharing your opinion. I look forward to more topics and your contributions. Thank you so much as we continue the conversation on this thread. Thank you for viewing Guess Iyke’s (ASD). You can join also our team of ANALYST’s.

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