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Does it always take a “foolish person” to do a “foolish act”?

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Segment – Analysis of our Society’s Diaries (ASD)-(ANALYST’s OPINION)
Topic – Does it always take a “foolish person” to do a “foolish act”?

Key notes: I have heard severally; things like… “You are such a fool”!”How could you have done that”? I Have also heard..”How can you be so foolish”? Who really is a fool? Can we separate “a fool” from a “foolish act”? Does it always take a “foolish person” to do a “foolish act”? So many questions……

Analyst’s opinion



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Wikipedia defines a fool as a person who acts unwisely or imprudently.

Foolishness is defined  the unawareness or lack of social norms which causes offence, annoyance, trouble or injury….it differs from stupidity, which is the lack of intelligence.

Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

This means every human being created by God has the ability to be intelligent, to acquire knowledge and deploy them. Foolishness is then deduced as an intelligent person who wasn’t aware of the social rules.

That means everyone has a capacity to act wisely and be labelled wise, and a capacity to act foolishly and be labelled a fool.

In conclusion. The trader who sells zobo in a coke container. Even though the coke bottle is labelled coke, its zobo that is inside. Someone labelled a fool is wise inside, and that wisdom can be exhumed with proper nurturing and encouragement. Lets leave the foolish act and address the person. Lets strive to separate the foolish act from the person. Thanks



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Being foolish is different from acting foolish. Its just like saying acting childish means being a child.

Its just that sometimes you wonder why some people behave in some manners or say some things at certain point and you wonder what exactly is going on.

We wonder if the person is in his/her right mind when talking  or acting foolishly, however it does not make the fellow a fool because i THINK you can’t act or talk foolishly all the time  (smiles), there would be some senses in your words sometimes.

Guess Iyke

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Thank you Chams, J, Wells and Zee. I will always appreciate you guys…ALWAYS

Does it always take a “foolish person” to do a “foolish act”?

I will start by asking….”Does it take only a comedian to crack a joke”?

Now logically;

A person is called a foolish person because he/she did a foolish act

A person is called wise because he/she exhibited an act of wisdom

It will be a very valid argument to say that one individual can at one point display an “act of foolishness” and at another time display an “act of wisdom”.

For example, one can ask; “Does it take only a comedian to crack a joke”? The answer is a definite NO. Note also that just as one person might not find a joke funny, another person can find the same joke hilarious.

So suffice me to say that in many cases our definition of “A fool” and “A foolish act” could be subjective. In fact in most cases many of us use use the word “fool” in a derogatory manner and not necessarily because the person in question did a foolish act.

In trying to separate a “fool” from “foolishness act”, i will try an illustration with the words; Childish and childlike. Where childish has negative connotations and is often used to refer to silly or immature behavior. childlike is having the good qualities, such as innocence, associated with a child.

So the word “fool” can be described by its’ dictionary standard but for the sake of this argument i want confine the definition of “fool” by saying that we as individuals are most times subjective when we call some person a “fool”. while i will say a “foolish act” can pass as a synonym for mistake, howler, gaffe.

And believe me everyone can make a mistake.

So; Does it always take a “foolish person” to do a “foolish act”? My answer is definite NO…Anyone can act irrationally under pressure.

We really are all learners and i appreciate YOU my ANALYST’s for sharing your opinion. I look forward to more topics and your contributions. Thank you so much as we continue the conversation on this thread. Thank you for viewing Guess Iyke’s (ASD). You can join also our team of ANALYST’s.

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