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Fake online store discovered

A GuessLinks Blog follower contacted me about a scam she fell for. She bought some items on this site but it was obviously a scam.



GuessLinks Blog follower: Iyke please i need your help.

Guess Iyke: Top of the hour, how can i help you?

GuessLinks Blog follower: I bought some items from this site

Anita 3

but they were never delivered. When i contacted them again, they blocked me. I had to involve some of my friends but as a matter of fact, when my friends contacted them too, they blocked my friends too.

Guess Iyke: Are you serious!! So *She interjects*

GuessLinks Blog follower: I can send you the receipt i used to make payment. Iyke i know i cannot get the money back but i need them to be exposed so others do not fall for the same scam.

Anita 2

Guess Iyke: Really sad.

Notice! Notice! Notice! Please be careful as you shop online. Many fake online sites are duping innocent persons. These guys put fake links of websites that don’t work on instagram. No contact address, no office address, fake phone numbers. As hard as it might sound, before you make payment, do some preliminary investigations. Always opt for a PAY ON DELIVERY (POD)option.

GUESS IYKE’s COMMENT: If you have friends that shop online especially on instagram, warn them URGENLY!!!


  1. I’m still trying to help inform all the innocent followers. I hate it when people don’t want to work and help themselves. I contacted them myself and was also blocked not too long ago. Its funny I hope she doesn’t already have her next victim in the trap.


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