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GENOCIDE !!! Security Agencies, Armed Youths Killing Shiites in Kaduna (PHOTOS)

(Viewer Discretion is Advised) – The attacks by combined teams of government security officials and armed takfiri youth on Shia Muslims has continued into the weekend in Kaduna with dozens being murdered across the state and properties being burned.

The assailants accompanied by police are going from house to house to seek out and kill Shia Muslims and burn their properties according to reports we are receiving.


From Kaduna, an affected minority Muslim Muhammad Ishiaka wailed,

“Today is the worst. They are going house by house in Kaduna destroying our personal houses. I can’t say how many people are dead now, because whoever they meet at the house, they are killing. They are going with the police.”

While the Shia Muslims and the Islamic movement organisation has said it will not retaliate or resort to violence but remains patient, the persecution and repression continues with government-supported takfiri youth picking and killing people with the semblance of Shi’ism anywhere they are seen.


Shariff Auwal posted that they just destroyed his house and that he does not know the fate of his family.

“To sun rushe Gidana da baikai darajan na Malam Zakzaky ba, sannan sun sari Yarinyata da bata kai su Sayyid Ahmad ba. Sun tar watsa Gidan banda labarin inda kowa yake a gidan a yanzu.”


Takfiri terrorists are even seen taking their time and spending hours while guarded by police, manually tearing down Shia buildings in the state.

While the police and army were seen aiding and transporting the takfiri terrorist extremist thugs to pursue and kill Shia Muslims, none of these murderous elements have bene arrested while dozens of Shia Muslims remain in detention and denied bail days after their arrest.


Soldiers and police were seen in videos beating up and killing Shia Muslims to the jeering of the extremist crowds.

SOURCE: thebreakingtimes


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