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Given a choice..“Would you rather be born on 31st December or 1st January”?

Welcome to your talk show Impact Formula
Segment – Analysis of our Society’s Diaries (ASD)-(ANALYST’s OPINION)
Topic – Given a choice..“Would you rather be born on 31st December or 1st January”?

Key notes: Many peeps that post “happy birthday” on my FB timeline are just FB friends so i take my time to ensure i do the same daily once FB alerts me of peep’s BD’s. So, as i was posting HBD today 31st i was wondering what it feels like being born on 31st December and being born on 1st January so i called up my ASD peep’s so we could quickly do an ASD on it. Given a choice..“Would you rather be born on 31st December or 1st January”?

Find out ASD ANALYST’s thoughts….



When i called Chams….she was quick with her response..i was impressed

Her response: I would prefer 31 December

Her reason:  “It is the last day of the year and i don’t want that feeling of getting older every 1st day of the year”.



When i called J….He stuttered, went back and forth for a while sef….SMH

His response: If i have a choice, i would rather been born on Jan 1st

His reason: “Because I think it would be cool to celebrate my birthday on the 1st rather than wait till the end of the year before celebrating my birthday”.

NB: I usually add one to my age every Jan 1st anyways. And wait till April 17th before celebrating the birthday. Lols

Mr. Wells


When i called Mr.Wells…..It took him a while to understand my question; “I’m suspecting he had a hangover”…#mtschewww

His response: If i could choose between 31st December or 1st January for a birthday. Its the 1st of January all the way.

His reason: “31st December represents the Last day of the present year While 1st represent the start of a New Year. For me its just for one reason. Everybody around the world celebrates the New year. Now, that’s a good day to be celebrating your birthday too”.



Zee is far away Ghana with her hubby….”i no near there at all make i no spoil something”….hehehe

Guess Iyke

Guess Iyke

My response: Hmmm…Ist of January it is….

My reasons: Every 1st of January …”It just gives me a sense of a-new-beginning”.  “A sense of a second-chance to life”. “A sense of a second-opportunity to correct mistakes”. That is how i feel about January 1st.

A BIG THANK YOU TO:  Chams, Jeremiah, Mr.Wells, Zee….I appreciate you guys so much. ASD will only get better come 2017…God bless you guys for me…Happy nu year countdown….Peace

All you peeps that read my ASD, like my ASD, comment on my ASD…”Yours shall be easy”. “May you find more favor in 2017”. God bless us all…Peace



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