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Guess Iyke chats with man who makes boxes from trash(Pictures)

It was so incredible that his work of art stopped me in my tracks

So today i was walking home after office hours along Broad street to the car park, i saw these beautifully ‘raft-like’ boxes. I wondered what they were and how they were made until i saw two men kneeling besides the materials.

I said to myself “O my God”! “they are actually making these boxes”. Ingenious!! Absolutely ingenious!! Trust me with not “minding my business”, i had to stop and chat with the young man, who introduced himself as Muhammad Abdullah.


GUESS IYKE: Bros i hail u, na you dey do these boxes?


Muhammad Abdullah: Yes na me and my brother

GUESS IYKE: Kai!! How you dey take get these materials?


Muhammad Abdullah: Na all the rope wen them take they tie carton for the container when them dey offload. I dey pack am use am do the boxes.

Cut….Close to where i met these men are about 3 or 4 warehouses and open fields along Broad street and Abibi-oki where containers are offloaded almost on a daily basis. These materials that they use to make these boxes are actually ‘waste materails’. They are like security seal(if i can call them that) used to secure boxes and bales inside containers.

GUESS IYKE: So how you take learn this craft? This thing wen you dey do? Na sell you dey sell am?


Muhammad Abdullah: Ok! Yes na. I been dey do am for Togo before. The big box na 1,500 naira and the small one na 1,000 naira.

I shook hands with him, took some pictures and off i went.


Absolutely ingenious. To think that one can carve out such “beautiful work of art” from waste materials. I was so impressed. I hope to have Muhammad Abdullah on my talk show soon.

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