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Guess Iyke’s ASD analyst Zee weds on independence day (pictures)

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Nikkai and engagement ceremony between Zainab Adedolapo and Austine Emeka took place today. Awesome event – Beautiful people.

Mr. Wells – Chamii – Jeremiah – Guess Iyke, we all wish you a happy married life Zee. Every 1st of October, we will remember your wedding. Nice one guys.

Picture time…..

Zee just danced in, i’m  unsure what she was looking for..definitely not her hubby…


..Ummm…sorting things out with her people, you know how weddings can be..


Oooo…did i mention that Mr.Wells drove with me? He actually took the pictures..Why do peeps stretch their faces when taking selfies?  hehehe


Ok! So this caption gave me some concern!! Was there an argument? Weddings!! 


They must be really concerned about something here


Aaaaaa…One of my best shots…Receiving blessings from her parents..nice


Sweating! Sweating! Kai..ko easy!! Well done Emeka and Zee…well done


Zee was rocking with her in-laws…you need to have seen her do her thing…nice one Zee


O yes! Still in the blessing mode….God will answer these prayers Zee.. Udo diri gi


Oooo! Prim Duchess was there. How could she have missed Zee’s wedding


Hmmmmm! Boss! He sure looks good…Zee nailed it…nice


Yes! Yes! My best shot! Zee your smile here is dope…I’m happy for you 


Hmmm..and Guess Iyke was just an observer…or was he???


Once more Mr. Wells – Chamii – Jeremiah – Guess Iyke, we all wish you a happy married life Zee. God bless u plenty, plenty.

ASD/GuessLinks Global familia








8 Responses to Guess Iyke’s ASD analyst Zee weds on independence day (pictures)

  1. Tayo 'Bade says:

    Congratulations darln the lord bless ur home

  2. Sewa says:

    Nice Outfit… Congrats and HML

  3. Mr. Wells says:

    Happy Married Life Zee’ You guys where Looking #Dope. I was honored to be there… Want to Thank your Dad Specially too. He made me Feel at home. Wishing You a Happy Married Life

  4. Balogun says:

    Congratulations my sweetheart, God bless ur new Marriage

  5. Anonymous says:

    We’re happy for you guys. HML

  6. Zee says:

    Am so happy to have you people as friends, thanks so much.A special thanks to ASD Analysts Wells,Chamii, Jeremiah and Edith (my personal person ) and of course my boss Iyke.God bless you all.

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