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How to attract a man – How to attract a woman

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Topic – How to attract a man – How to attract a woman

Key notes: No one is an island. We all find ourselves in a society. We are either in schools, religious places, same neighborhood etc. We possibly have someone we are admiring. How do we get the persons attention?




The scent is one of the most powerful subconscious influences that affect men’s judgments. In a survey 89% of the men revealed that the scent can enhance the attractiveness of a women. 55% of those polled men went a little further and admitted that they would get amorous with a women just because of her appealing scent. The scent is one of the most powerful subconscious influences that affect our judgments about the other sex. The way you scent is a vital factor of your success in attracting him.

Use a perfume that you like but be careful not to overdo it. Use it sparingly and apply it to your body’s so called pulse points: wrists, behind your ears, in the bend of your elbow, behind your knees and on the inside of your ankles. You can also try to spray the perfume in the air in front of you and walk into the mist. Make your perfume a recognizable part of you. Make your scent imprinted in his mind.

There is a certain way how to dress that drives men crazy. And I certainly don’t mean going slutty. This is a turn-off for most men. You need to find a compromise between showing and hiding your womanly qualities. It’s the right combination that makes the secret. I like women, who enhance certain body regions without actually showing anything. Steer clear of the obvious. It is very important that you actually feel sexy.

Have the confidence of a super-model. Be a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. But be aware: there is also a thin red line, if you overdo it, you will most likely look arrogant instead of confident. You don’t want that. Nobody likes arrogance. You can start with renewing yourself, get a complete fresh-up: a new haircut, clothes, etc. Men are very impressed by confidence.

Give him a little hope he actually have a chance on you. Send him little signs of interest from time to time that make him come forward. It is better we do not overdo it! Some experienced men can read these signs.

You can also do the “hard to get”, which by the way is a very doubtful thing. If overdone it will harm you more than being of use. Anticipation, excitement, and tension can be a huge turn-on for a man. Delay the gratification. Make two steps forward, one step back. Create a strong feeling of dissatisfaction in him. It must never seem to be easy for him.

He must not feel seduced. He must think that he seduced you, not the other way around. Give him his victory, let him be the hero. Men like that. It gives them a feeling of security.



A: I seek to explore this issues on the male side.

Firstly,  what’s the purpose for the attraction? Marriage? Flexing? Just a date? A bet between friends? Rebound relationship? An extra or premarital affair? Sugarmummy things? These questions deals with the purpose and the reason for attracting a lady. If purpose isn’t clear, abuse is inevitable

Secondly, attracting a lady is based on confidence. The confidence level in a man is directly proportional to his charisma. Men get confidence from various sources. Money, power, alcohol,  drugs, etc. But true confidence comes from knowing your strengths, and yet being humble. Just like Jesus Christ. Powerful, yet humble.

Thirdly, possessing an average communication skill level will help the man score goals in the heart of any lady. An little knowledge about this and that makes a good conversationalist. It is said that women are moved by what they hear while men are moved by what they see. So long you stimulate her ears by keeping a conversation on that date, you are on course.

In conclusion, (the points are in-exhaustive), attracting and approaching a lady is just the tip of the iceberg. Keeping the lady and maintaining the relationship is the koko. Character keeps the relationship. Character is what is left when you look tired and stressed up from Lagos traffic and no longer looking handsome and sharp as usual, or when your beards are bushy, or when she pranks you by telling you she is pregnant.

NB: I love to keep my opinions short and sharp. I can be reached privately through admin for more. Thanks



This one hard Ooo.  People respond to things differently. So I dig into the ones that will work generally and also the kind of person.. (LMAO… Like I’m a psychologist or what)..

1. Dress sense..  No woman wants to hang out with a poorly dressed guy. I don’t mean expensive clothing and all. Just be in what fits you, be neat and have a sense of fashion.

2. Women are also attracted to a smart person. What you have to offer not money this time. They take note of what comes out of guys. How intelligent and your IQ

Certain things may attract one woman and also be repulsive to another. So it’s difficult to state things in this regard.Being yourself, love yourself because if you want to get someone’s attention you have to give attention to your own self.

Be lovable, be attractive(dress well). Be noticeable.( not in a repulsive way please). Be bold and a little funny (titinli oh)

If You want to attract a woman with money then you will only attracted the part of her that needs money.



Wow!!!How did I get his  attention?

Well,I really can’t say because I did not seek for my Husband’s attention per say but I liked him the moment I set my eyes on him,not for dating or anything,just natural likeness.

I got attracted to him because of his Intelligence, smartness and vast knowledge. I like it when you know something about everything my our may not know the details totally but you cannot be caught unaware.

That’s just it,it’s not about cuteness,height, being handsome or something, his intelligence attracted me to him plus we share birth date and some other things in common.

Before closing up pls,I got attracted also by him lending a helping hand,it’s called being a gentle man and a caring type.And I begin to wonder, all these in less than 10 minutes we met? Let’s see how this goes.

I wanna use this medium to celebrate a man of Honour and great mind,Happy birthday to you Guess Iyke, more of God’s grace upon your life in Jesus name. Amen. Enjoy your day.

Zee cares

Guess Iyke

Guess Iyke

Awwwww! Thank you Zeee! I should have posted this yesterday but Chammi’s comments came in late. Thank you Zee.

How to attract a man – How to attract a woman. I want to start by saying that attraction can be either physical or mental. In most cases both (one usually precedes the other). Physical attraction could be; Your dress sense, your body physique, maybe how nice you smell. While mental attraction could be; Your character, your confidence, your comportment, your intelligence etc. In other words if you want to attract a person both physically and mentally; daily improve yourself in the aforementioned areas.

Noteworthy to mention that; you can actually attract someone yet not keep the person, on the flip side a man that is (sexually) attracted to a woman’s body can find out that she has even a stronger mental attraction and it ends up going beyond “just sex”.


I need also to mention that “Being yourself” as as important as who you want people to “see you as”. I’ve heard this before; “What if being yourself is not good enough”? “What if in being yourself, you cannot get what you want”? The argument ended with “Fake it until you become it”. Very logical, very logical indeed.

So one will now ask, being yourself; is it a function of your “inherent qualities” or “acquired qualities”? Hmm! I will say it’s a combination of the two. After all “copy something good and you become something close to it”(i think i prefer this version to “Fake it until you become it”). So in trying to attract the opposite sex; in as much as we often subconsciously fake some things about ourselves, “being yourself” is important so that you don’t attract the person in one minute and ridicule yourself the next minute.

Some tips that can help define your character

– Maintain eye contact

– Be a good listener

– Ask intelligent questions

– Communicate in a language that he/she understands. Don’t be verbose

– I love you ( why do you love me )

– I miss/missed you ( What do/did you miss about me )

– Know when to talk and when to be quiet

– Know when to attempt a question (even if you are wrong)

– Know when to say “Sorry, i have no idea” to a question

– Comport yourself always / also goes with your confidence

– Accept you are wrong when you are and be quick to say “i am sorry”. “Everyone is wrong sometime”.

– Never go into an argument with victory in your mind. “Everyone is a learner in a subject, even you”.

We really are all learners and i appreciate YOU my ANALYST’s for sharing your opinion. I look forward to more topics and your contributions. Thank you so much as we continue the conversation on this thread. Thank you for viewing Guess Iyke’s (ASD). You can join also our team of ANALYST’s.


  1. Hi guys…very interesting topic…I have learnt a lot…
    Chamii did great with Her very detailed response…I so love the perfume aspect o( pls believe me wen I say I av always used dat and d rest became History)…lolz…
    Jeremiah’s introductory response made brains o….fine answer in all…
    Mr Wells blew my mind with His “general” analysis….I was blown away….well said tho….kudos!
    My paddy Zee was just busy “crushing” on her man….my sister I envy u joor….so sweet and beautiful….9ce attractions indeed…smiles
    THE Admin himself….i couldn’t have expected less…u really really nailed it…Impressive!!.
    Nice one people….u guys made awesome contributions.


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