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How to get your dream job

Getting you dream job could be a daunting task..or is it? Here is a ‘workable’ plan by Olasope Oladunni, a Human resources manager



  • What is your dream job?
  • Why do you need a job?
  • My Experience


  • There is no hard or fast rule.
  • Ensure personal and contact information, education and qualification, work history /experience, relevant skills, interests, achievements, hobbies and references are properly aligned.


  • A good resume should be clear, neat and precise. Should be printed on a clean white paper.
  • The layout should be well structured, never crumpled or folded and it should be in an A4 envelope.


  • Read every detail from start to finish.
  • Take notes and create bullet points of what you can and cannot satisfy
  • Leverage on your skills
  • Do not beat around the bush. Fresh graduates should stick to no more than two pages while experienced hands should not exceed four pages.


  • Do not be lazy! ensure you tailor each resume to the requirements of the job applied for.
  • Adapt the relevant details.
  • Ensure your resume is updated with new experiences, achievements, skills etc.
  • Review your updated resume to make sure that nothing is omitted.


  • Make sure key skills that can help you stand out from the crowd are mentioned i.e. communication, computer, speaking in foreign language etc.
  • Thinking outside the box i.e skills can come out of unlikely places (sports or voluntary groups).
  • Make yourself sound interesting i.e showcase the use of your initiative.
  • Every little helps.


  • Fresh graduates can use a tutor or clergy person.
  • For experienced hands, your reference should be a previous employer who can guarantee your skills and experience.
  • A minimum of two referees should be provided i.e specify the referees full name, functional phone number, designation and office address.


  • Have a game plan
  • Create the relevant profiles i.e Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, popular vacancy listing sites (careers24.com.ng,hotnigerianjobs.com,nairaland.com, jobberman etc.) and websites of reputable HR consulting firms ( Phillips Consulting, Michael Stephens, Adexen, Tom & associates, Alfred Victoria & Associates etc.)
  • Connect with others in your industry by joining LinkedIn groups, liking professional pages on Facebook, following and tweeting at
  • Follow industry leaders in your field on twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Help out others by answering their professional questions on social media so you are seen as a resource person.
  • Do not ask for a job. Brand yourself so you are seen as intelligent and remain conscious in the minds of strategic people.


  • Look dapper and debonair. Wear appropriate clothing selecting conservative colors i.e black, grey, coffee brown with a touch of white. Wearing black covered shoes and mild accessories for females. Make up should be moderate.
  • Personal hygiene should not be compromised. Particular attention should be paid to the mouth and body ensuring there are no odors i.e deodorant, mints, avoid chewing gum.
  • Sound convincing. Speak with confidence even when you are not too knowledgeable about the subject matter.
  • Research about the company.


  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Describe your working experience
  • SWOT analysis
  • Goals i.e short or long term
  • Negotiation i.e salary expectation, provision of HMO, insurance, fringe benefits etc.
  • Do you have any questions for us.


  • A good resume must have an opening statement i.e vision and mission statement
  • Look the part and act the part
  • Maintain the right attitude on the job.

Put together by OLASOPE OLADUNNI, a Human resources manager


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