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How to identify & develop our children’s talent

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Topic – How to identify & develop our children’s talent

Key notes: There is nothing as beautiful as doing what you love. Many of us missed it and perhaps we can blame our parents, teachers or guardians. So how do we as parents identify our children’s talents? I added “develop” because most parents already have career path(s) for their children and would likely ignore the child’s talent(s) even when it’s identified.

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We all possess something that makes us special. And for many accomplished professionals, that skill or talent was identified and cultivated as a child. But trying to figure out which hobby or interest your little one should hone isn’t always easy. These are some possible ways to spot and grow your child’s talent.

1. Notice what your child gravitates to in their free time. This will usually indicate their natural interest. Children tend to pursue what they like, and “time on task” often leads to an improved skill.

2. Listen to the comments of teachers and coaches as their bases of comparison is a large sample of children. If they feel that your child has talent, it will support your own impressions.

3. Allow unstructured time for your child to explore new opportunities. Try not to burn them out with over scheduling and excessive lessons or parental direction.

4. Once you identify your child’s special talent, help them connect with other children who share that same interest.  They can fuel each other to higher levels.

5. Don’t judge your child’s talent. Let them enjoy their pursuits in order to continue to drive satisfaction from within. Otherwise they may feel it is a demand, and lose motivation.

It is very wrong to still their careers even after identifying their talents. The outcome for doing that might probably be very devastating for everyone involved.



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It’s important for you to do what you want and what you love because you derive fulfillment and satisfaction from it. If you are forced or lured into doing what you don’t enjoy ,you may eventually get more money from it which is what everyone expect but you may not be fulfilled or happy.

When it comes to children issue,it gives me more concern because generally,parents tend to choose and decide for you even at your own wedding. They choose your primary school, secondary tertiary and your course of study and they want you to come out with a first class (funny). They want you to study a course that brings in money,they want you to study Law,Be a Doctor, Engineer,Banker, Accountant and so on forgetting that you have your own passion.

At your wedding,because they say the Bride’s Father has the final say,they treat it as if it’s their wedding,forgetting that you have a vision of what you want your wedding to be like. Some parents go as far as poke nosing in their children’s homes thereby unknowingly destroying the homes.

As far as am concern,parents are important in the lives of their children but there are boundaries. I call it boundaries because when a child is forced or lured into doing something he or she doesn’t want,at that moment,such parent won but the child cannot forget such incident in a hurry because some of those things diverts their attentions totally and also change the child’s vision.

However as a parent, why not search for that thing that will MAKE your child.All these can be done by identifying and developing your child’s inner or already shown traits of a career.

You can  identify your child’s ability by noticing little things in him or her at a very tender age. Some children will always sing,some will always draw,some will dismantle your appliances and fix them back,some will write stories and like to read them for you e.t.c When your child does any of these things or more,do not shut them down,show interest in what they do,make them know that you support their dreams, I tell you,they will bring what you don’t expect.

If you don’t show interest, and you don’t help them develop their abilities, they will go to someone who do and how would you feel when she doesn’t wanna tell you what’s going on in his or her life?

In conclusion, some parents know what their children want to do and still divert their attention because they want such child to be what they failed to be.It shouldn’t be so,you didn’t fail,you just couldn’t make it and you don’t need your children to right your wrongs. Zee cares.

Guess Iyke

Guess Iyke

Thank you my analysts for your beautiful contributions. In fact all children have special talents that need to be noticed EARLY and NURTURED so they will do well in school and in their later lives. Parents don’t need to be very educated themselves or have a great deal of money but parents must sacrifice time.

Child playing piano

** How to identify our children’s talent(s) could either be (A) Your personal observations or (B) Peoples/others observations.

(A) Your personal observations

1. Proper communication – You don’t feed a child with a table spoon. So we need to communicate with our children in a way that they can understand. Many talents can be identified in the course of interaction. If you have not mastered your child well enough to know how to communicate with them, chances are that they will not be open with you hence you might miss out on what the child has. Effective communication is built on time and listening carefully. Talk about anything with your children and their area of interest could be narrowed down.

2. Gain their trust – We need to gain the child’s trust. Talents can be identified by a child’s action. However if your child is not comfortable around you there are certain things that the child will not do around you. Dancing and singing for instance are things people do around you when they are comfortable with you. Encourage your child to be open with you and even when they silly things that elicits punishment, make them understand why they are being punished. When you build trust your child will be open with you.

(B) Peoples/others observations

3. Parent-Teachers communication – It could be argued that teachers tend to spend more time with children in schools that parents spend with children at home. Therefore one can argue that a good teacher should be able to give a good account of a child. Parents need to build a good communication with their children’s teachers as a good teacher can identify talent(s) in a child and can relate to their parents.

** How do we help children develop their talents?

1,2 and 3 above are SOME ways parents can identify their children’s talents. To help them nurture these talents, parents can use these tips;

4. Educate the child in the meaning of the word – IDENTITY – using a language they can understand for instance PICTURES. Everyone can relate with pictures(especially cartoon pictures for children). Your child’s talent(s) can give them an identity.

5. Encourage them to associate with other children with common interest in relation to the talent(s) you have identified as “iron sharpeneth iron”. A healthy competition is very good. Never talk them down when they fail but always ask them “why do you think you failed”? “What should you do better next time”? After listening to them,gently give them a better solution.

** Most parents already have a career path for their children and would likely ignore the child’s talent(s) even when it’s identified.

This is the tricky part. Can all talents become a Career Path? I think as a parent, once you can answer this question it will be easy to separate or to balance WHAT I WANT MY CHILD TO BECOME AND THE TALENT(S) I HAVE IDENTIFIED IN MY CHILD.

We really are all learners and i appreciate YOU my ANALYST’s for sharing your opinion. I look forward to more topics and your contributions. Thank you so much as we continue the conversation on this thread. Thank you for viewing Guess Iyke’s (ASD). You can join also our team of ANALYST’s.


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