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Human Ken doll plastic surgery addict wants bigger BUM

Plastic surgery addict Rodrigo Alves has revealed his new bum after piling on two stone to have liposuction so surgeons could pump the fat into his backside.

Rodrigo Alves swore he’d never go under the knife again in August but went to dramatic lengths to consume 3,000 calories a day ahead of the procedure.

The 33-year-old has now spent £368,000 on 48 body-changing operations – including liposuction, six-pack implants and botox fillers.

The former air steward spent the last few months eating cakes and puddings to pile on the pounds, gorging on more than 3,000 calories a day.

He gained two stones in order to have more than 3.5 PINTS of fat sucked out of his back, waist, and thighs and put into his bum to make it more “contoured” last week.

Brazilian-born Rodrigo said he now has the “peachy” bum he always wanted – but already has a host of other operations planned for the next few months.

“I managed to put on two stones and for the butt argumentation,” he explained.

“The doctors used two litres of fat and the procedure was performed in Marbella where I sometimes live.

“My body looks great now and my butt is very peachy.


“I was born in Brazil but I never had a Brazilian butt and now I have it.

“It looks great and it feels great.”

Rodrigo has made a name for himself thanks to his obsession with plastic surgery in his search for perfection.


The human Ken doll said after his last nose job left him with a flesh-eating bug that nearly destroyed his face, he’d never go under the knife again.

He had previously had stem cells injected into his blood and had the latest Lipoglaze Fat Freezing Treatment which was filmed for his new Channel 5 TV show.

Speaking for the first time since the seventh operation on his nose to repair the damage Rodrigo said he’d been warned by doctors of the risks of putting his body through any further trauma of cosmetic surgery.

He’s had to insure his body for £1million just in case anything else goes wrong with the other cosmetic surgery he’s had in the past.

Rodrigo, 33, was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil but is now a British citizen living in London. He’s had 43 cosmetic surgery procedures since 2004 and has spent over £350K on his body.

He was forced to pay £40,000 in emergency treatment in Spain after doctors warned an infection might eat through his nose and into his face after having a nose job, and recently he’s had his nose repaired with a seventh plastic surgery operation in Berlin.


Now, he’s said he is only looking at non-invasive procedures so he can maintain his expensive modified looks.

He said: “I’ve decided to make most of the treatments that do not involve surgery, and I would only have another plastic surgery again if it was for emergency medical reasons which was the recent case of my nose.

“But I’ve not stopped having aesthetic treatments, there are so many non-invasive treatments on the market that can replace surgery. I’m not giving up on trying to stop the natural ageing process.”

Rodrigo has been trying out as much as possible. He continued: “I’ve had radio frequency therapy, cavitation in my back, and legs. I’m due to have more hair implants soon, and I’ve had an injection of stem cells in my blood and the latest Lipoglaze fat freezing technology on my thighs, hips and waist.

“I would like to bring awareness of these procedures to the public so that they know there are so many non-invasive treatments available now that are effective alternatives to cosmetic surgery.”

Rodrigo had a terrifying experience earlier this year when a hole began to appear in his nose and he was rushed to hospital where it was discovered that he had necrosis, which is where flesh begins to die because it doesn’t have enough blood supply.

At the time doctors warned him that the infection may eat through his nose and could become gangrenous at which point he would have to have his nose removed.

This occurred as a side effect of his sixth nose job which had been performed in Iran and he required a 10-hour reconstruction operation in Berlin just a month ago which used cartilage from his wrist to be implanted into his nose.

Due to this health scare he vowed not to have invasive cosmetic surgery again.

He said: “I simply can’t risk it any more but I do want to continue improving myself but now I want to do it with the latest non-invasive techniques. New technology has brought forward some amazing new treatments that get great results without having to go under the knife.”

In a TV documentary, Mascara Boys: Sex Me Up, on Channel 5 tonight at 10pm, Rodrigo is shown having the latest Lipoglaze fat freezing technology to contour his thighs, waistline and hips.

He went to the Amabelle clinic in Hertfordshire and to their clinic in Harley Street to have a Lipoglaze treatment that froze the fat cells in his thighs to below zero degrees Centigrade.

Rodrigo said: “I’ve come here today because I’d like to reduce the thickness of my thighs and take some fat off my love handles and reduce the waist line. I want to look nice in my swimming trunks.

“This really bothers me, even after having liposuction there is something that I need contouring and I don’t want to have liposuction ever again. However, I don’t exercise at all whatsoever so I’ve got to have some clinical help to reduce the fat in these areas.”

He added: “The technology is there now like this lipoglaze which can maintain the results that I’ve created. Liposuction is too aggressive a treatment for me to have any more, I don’t want to go through that again so I want to use non-invasive treatments like this to get results. But I can already feel that the fat cells are going now from this treatment.”

On Mascara Boys: Sex Me Up, the fat freezing procedure was filmed. Protective gauze was put over the treatment area and then the machine applied to the gauze and the skin temperature was taken down to below zero Celsius.

At this temperature fat cells are killed and then breakdown and will waste away and the body excretes them naturally. In one 50-minute session up to 59% of the fat in that area can be taken away. For waistlines this can amount to as much as 3 inches reduction, on thighs up to 2 inches per thigh in circumference.

On the TV programme the Amabelle therapist Jourdan Robson-Lawrence said to Rodrigo: “The treatment is especially effective in taking fat from stubborn areas around the tummy, thighs and hips which are the hardest areas to shift fat. The Lipoglaze kills off fat cells and this is really popular with guys to get sculpted abs.”

The treatment is said to be pain-free and there’s no downtime. It’s been dubbed the Lunchtime Lipo because many clients go straight back to work after having the treatment in their lunch-hour.

Rodrigo is now considering having the Kim K butt lift at the Amabelle clinic in Harley Street. The treatment takes fat away from the upper thigh and lower back which accentuates the buttock and gives a shelf.

Rodrigo said: “I should have that done, so I will have a perfect peachy Brazilian bum.”

The serial beauty treatment user said he still had a very complicated beauty regime at home: “I take collagen tablets, vitamin C and A, I don’t drink alcohol at all, I only drink water with hyaluronic acid.”

SOURCE: Mirror


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