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I cheated on my fiancé with his best man & i want to confess before our wedding

My worry now is that i don’t know if his friend has told him. “You know how guys talk”. “But Iyke, oo; i am 38 years old and if i lose this guy, where i wan start from.”


Hi Guess Iyke. I am 38 and my boyfriend has proposed to me, but i have a small issue.

My boyfriend and i had dated for almost a year and somewhere along the line i did something very stupid.


I actually slept with his friend.

What happened was that i caught him cheating with one girl whom i had accused him of severally. She works in the same bank as he does.

Actually after i caught him, i thought that we were done. “I am not making excuses for my stupid actions though”.

So i decided to get back at him by sleeping with his friend.

We were actually apart for say 3-4 months


My boyfriend and i got back together after we broke up and we are 6 months strong in our relationship and now he has proposed to me and sure i said YES.


Iyke, recently, he asked me a question from now where…”Babe have you cheated on me”?

I was rattled o, i won’t lie but i said no.

My worry now is that i don’t know if his friend has told him. “You know how guys talk”.

My conscience is pricking me badly.


He has been such a darling and to make matters worse, this his friend is going to be his best man!!

“Iyke, you see how winch dey take work”.


Now i have told my elder sister everything, she is like my soul. We are very close. She said that if my fiancé finds out himself that he will never forgive me and that it is better that i tell him myself.

“But Iyke, oo; i am 38 years old and if i lose this guy, where i wan start from.”


My sister said that i should tell thim that i cheated on him without telling him who i did it with.

But i know my fiancé, he will want to know who i cheated with and if i lie about it, am i not compounding issues?

What do i do oo?


Thank you so much for writing. I appreciate so much.

I must say that the mails i have gotten recently are very tough calls. Really very tough calls.

The essence of sharing these stories is actually ;

1. For all of us to learn from other peoples experiences

2. So that people will know that others are actually going through what “you” are going through

3. To encourage one another

Also, the reason i share my comments on your mails is to give some angle(s) to how to solve the situation. It does not necessarily mean that my solution(s)/suggestion(s) is/are the best.

Viz a viz your true story, i will break this down like this

A. If your fiancé knew already that you slept with his friend, it is unlikely that he would want to make the guy his best man.

B. If this guy has told your fiancé that he slept with you, he must epitomize the devil to still accept to be the best man.

It just might be possible that your fiancé does not know….yet!!

Honestly, it’s looking like you might just have to tell him, before the wedding / after the wedding, i really don’t know.

Because your fiancé will feel very betrayed if he finds out on his own.

It’s really a tough call for me and i am sorry i cannot give you an A, B, C answer.

You need to pray and apply plenty wisdom.

Thank you for sharing your TRUE STORY with GUESS IYKE. I wish you the best in whatever decision(s) you make plus please look out for comments on this thread. God bless u plenty.

Guess Iyke

Thank you for reading GUESS IYKE’s TRUE STORIES..Beta to follow you..


  1. Hmmmmm. Its actually a very hard one. I think you should tell him how and why it happened before the wedding. It is better u face the devil now than later. Men dont take cheating very lightly. And i also think you should tell him now so he doesn’t think you duped him into the marriage despite you knowing what happened between you and his friend. Wait for him to digest the information, whatever decision he makes, take it as it is. Its not the end of the world for you. I am sure you can still get the attention of a man even at 38. Everyone is prone to errors that is what makes us humans. But please dont let this happen again, especially with the friends.


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