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“I will buy you sex toys before i travel”: My husband is traveling to UK

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“You know that i really like sex. Am i going to be without sex for 16 months”?


How are you Iyke? I follow your true stories and they are really nice, very educative. I might not agree with all your comments but i like that they are constructive. Keep it up.

My husband and i are less than one year in marriage and i have a big challenge. My hubby came back home last week so excited and jubilant. I asked him what the whole excitement was about but he just kept screaming “yes’! “yes”! “yes”!


He showed me a letter from his office; he is among 4 of their staff to be sent to UK for training. It is a big opportunity for him, it’s a big opportunity for us.


Honestly i received that news with mixed feelings. First of all we are just less than a year in marriage and i am not pregnant, second of all; i really like sex and my hubby knows that. Am i going to be without sex for 16 months? Finally, i remembered your post “My husband went to UK for a job now he has gotten a woman pregnant”.

In fact, i turned blue at that point.


It was obvious that i was worried and he asked me why, when i shared my worries, this was his response;

My worries – “we are just less than a year in marriage and i am not pregnant”

Hubbys’s response – “Darling, i will be away for less than 2 years, time flies you know. Before you know it i will be back. Besides, i am not presuring you for children, we have many years ahead of us”.

My worries – “You know that i really like sex. Am i going to be without sex for 16 months”?

Hubbys’s response – “I will buy you sex toys dear, at least that can keep you going till i’m back”.

My worries – “I read one story on one blog like that that says ‘My husband went to Uk for a job now he has gotten a woman pregnant’. I trust you but you know that anyone can fall for temptation; all these women”.

Hubbys’s response – “Don’t mind all these stupid bloggers that write rubbish. You are my wife and i will come back to you as your husband. You need to listen to me and not anyone else especially not all these gossip blogs”.


Since last week, i have not been eating well, i have shared my worries with my mum and my friends and even my Pastor and they all say that i should be positive and that all men are not the same. I just thought that i should contribute to your stories. Thank you for your mail.


I should be the one thanking you for writing. I really appreciate.

Your mail lacks many details and i wrote you about them like:

Did you accept the sex toy part?

You said you talked to your friends, mum and your Pastor. Did you tell them about the sex toys part? (Well, it’s unlikely that you did)

Since you chose to be silent in your mail about that part, it’s only logical that i be silent on that part too.

I like the “all men are not the same” part and the “be positive” part. People going abroad for official duty is as old as the bible and not all have sad endings.

You need to be very prayerful and very positive. Your husband going to UK on office duty/training will definitely be in the interest of your family. I really wish both of you the best.

Please tell your hubby to buy me a Hawes & Curtis fitted shirt. I wear a size (15-35) or a Tom and Keith, size L…thank you in advance.

Thank you for sharing your TRUE STORY with GUESS IYKE. I wish you the best in whatever decision(s) you make plus please look out for comments on this thread. God bless u plenty.

Guess Iyke

Thank you for reading GUESS IYKE’s TRUE STORIES..Beta to follow you..

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