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Is it possible to trust your partner again after they cheat on you?

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Topic – Is it possible to trust your partner again after they cheat on you?

Key notes: If you have irrefutable proof that your partner has cheated, is it possible to trust again? Would it matter if this relationship is a “boyfriend and girlfriend relationship” or a “husband and wife relationship”? Does giving a second chance apply in both cases or is each case peculiar.




Chams is still has her exam mode activated and could not join us today. I heard that she is now very lean!! Kai…Small, small o chams…We wish you all the best…



Jeremiah is unavoidably absent….He must appear next time…I know you will be reading this..I will miss your contribution though

Mr. Wells


Trust hmmm. People are different and might react differently. But first let me point out some factors. Cheating really hurts and really destroys a persons Confidence. There are some things that are beyond us. I don’t blame people who cheat to some extent.

Sometimes it’s their partners fault. I’m sorry for deviating but I have to. I don’t want to point out those faults but it’s not about the blames it’s all about how to move forward right?. Now back to the topic.

People sometimes cheat by mistake. Getting drunk…. Blah blah blah and a lot of reasons. But the most important part if it’s happens to me it’s my partners reaction when I find out. I can definitely trust again if it’s genuinely a mistake.

But it won’t all be rosy from the point I find out. Trust is earned like we all know. She just lost it (Speaking from my own point of view) and must work to earn it back.

The are no exceptions to relationships marriage and just couple dating. Cheating is cheating. It’s worse in marriage though Because this will not only cost Trust but all whole lot of other things including Doubts about the marriage.

But I personally believe everyone deserves a second chance if they’re really sorry especially in marriage. It’s really hard I know but anyone can make a mistake and should be forgiven. We all learn every day.

So for me it’s okay to give a second chance to those who confess their mistake and a truly and genuinely sorry. Not every cheating partner should be forgiven.

That’s all from me.



Hello There, it’s so good to be back here. Back from wedding groove and honey moon (smiles,still on though).

Special thanks to Guesslinks global and crew for featuring my wedding on his blog,thanks for being there and thanks for the gift.I love you all and i can’t thank you enough.

Hmmmm,on today’s topic :Is it possible to trust my husband again after he cheats on me?

Wow,that’s a huge question really.

With all his confession of love to me,with all the i can’t do without you,he raise my hopes up,he makes me feel complete and all that,he then falls by cheating on me. (Kai) I will definitely forgive and gradually forget after apologies but He has to earn that trust .

He has to earn it because anytime he says he is going out,i will always have a second thought, when he receive calls,i want to know who, when he doesn’t pick my call quickly, i begin to imagine a lot of things,so for all that not to happen,he has to be extra transparent.

We can then see what we can do about it.

Edith, I see you.Guess Iyke (boss)kudos, Jeremiah, Wells and Charmie, God bless you all.

Zee cares.

Guess Iyke

Guess Iyke

My start is nothing if i do not honor my humble, loyal and faithful analysts. God will continually bless you guys. Thank you for your time. Welcome back Zee. Good to have you back, the colour you add to our discourse is undeniable. Send my love to your oga.

Is it possible to trust your partner again after they cheat on you?

There is really no easy way to answer this question, maybe because “cheat” and “trust” are two very ‘extreems’ and seemingly parallel. Having them in one sentence could be, just could be paradoxical.

I like Zee and Mr. Wells approach to this as they both stressed that “trust has to be earned”. The truth is “Trust is first of all given until that trust is broken “. Once that trust is broken, then “it must be earned back”…good argument.

Now i have heard peeps make statements like;

– If you ever cheat on me, please do not tell me

– If you ever cheat on me, please make sure i do not find out

– I do not pry into my partners affairs so i do not find out what will hurt me


This tells me that some peeps just choose to shut their minds to events around their partners just to have their own peace.

Now cheating is as old as “old is defined” as it dates back to bible. Having said all these – Is it possible to trust your partner again after they cheat on you? I would say a YES.

I will not pretend that it will be easy but it is possible. I have a quote..


  • If the cheating partner is genuinely sorry, time heals “all” wounds.
  • If you choose not to forgive your partner, if you choose not to trust your partner again, you are hurting yourself too for as long as you are still in that relationship; you will be living in a prison built in your mind.
  • If you choose to quit the relationship or marriage because he/she cheated, how are you sure the next person you find will not be worse?

I think the best thing is to find out why your partner cheated and both of you can have a heart to heart talk about it.

We really are all learners and i appreciate YOU my ANALYST’s for sharing your opinion. I look forward to more topics and your contributions. Thank you so much as we continue the conversation on this thread. Thank you for viewing Guess Iyke’s (ASD). You can join also our team of ANALYST’s.



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