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Is public breastfeeding appropriate?


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Topic – Is public breastfeeding appropriate?

Key notes: None of us fell from the skies or was plucked off a tree. We all were at one time feeding from mama’s breast. The question now is “Did mama feed us in public”? Well, this gives rise to; will you as a mother breastfeed publicly or will you as a hubby allow your wife breastfeed publicly?




Hmmmm. I thought about this carefully. Public breastfeeding should be accepted as an appropriate biological function. A breastfeeding mother should be expected to show a level of discretion in selecting where and when to feed her child, but should be allowed to do so in public. Actions such as sitting towards the rear of a room and covering the breast with a cloth should be considered perfectly acceptable.

I think that our society needs to get over the strange stigma about breastfeeding being “gross.” For years, the visual arts have presented us with images of beautiful women exposing their breasts. Advertising has used breasts to promote everything from the Wonderbra to other stuff.

Why should a breast be so shocking to us, really? When we are surrounded by images of sex and violence in the media, isn’t it actually lovely to see a woman publicly nursing an infant — a living demonstration of love, nurturing and peace?

I do not see any problem breastfeeding in public, as long as it is done discreetly. A simple blanket is more than enough. Besides, nobody wants their breast to be looked at lecherously.



Public Breastfeeding being appropriate is relative to individuals. For my folks living in Ogbomosho in South Western Nigeria, (where culture is quite strong), it’s considered “priding” to be hiding breasts while feeding the baby. But in elite parts of Lagos, it is considered local and backward to pull out the “twins” in public glare to feed a baby. That brings up a number of issues.

Culture vs Modern life. In places that culture has a strong hold, it’s considered normal to publicly breastfeed. That is how our forefathers have been doing it, and so shall you do it too. If you are not doing it, then you are trying to form “alakowe” or “akukwo”. But in places where the modern life is lived, it would be considered illiterate to do so. Afterall, there are alternatives of breast pumps, and baby formula to choose from.

Self Image. The female breast is undoubtedly a sex symbol, and ladies who are endowed often walk with an extra bounce in their steps. Lots of women struggle with the transition from being called a babe to being called a mother. So the boobs have suddenly changed in function from a man attractor to a baby food. Thus some ladies feel very uncomfortable breastfeeding in public while some don’t really mind.

I think ladies should do what they are comfortable with. If you feel comfortable with feeding your child in public, with all pleasure. If you don’t feel too comfortable, you can excuse yourself from the public glare to feed the baby in a semi-semi-private place, or cover your boobs with a napkin or cloth.

If you don’t feel comfortable at all, you can extract the milk using a breast pump and standby for the attendant stress of preserving and warming the milk. Or stay at home for the recommended six months of breastfeeding. Personally, I don’t mind if my wife breastfeeds in public. I avert my eyes when I see other women breastfeed, out of respect. It’s kinda exotic to see her feed our baby, and it turns me on. Although she prefers to do semi-private feeding in public anyway. That’s something she can do that I can’t – the power of motherhood. Thanks



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Guess Iyke

Guess Iyke

Thank you my humble, loyal and faithful analysts. God will continually bless you guys. Thank you for your time. Zee, we miss you on this one again..too much missing you now Zeee. It’s hard to get you guys together now…I understand. Nonetheless, i appreciate you guys.

Is public breastfeeding appropriate?

This topic is an old as the word DEBATE is. Yet of all the platforms i’ve seen this debate, there seems to be no logical conclusion to this. I had a funny argument with my friend over this topic.


Guess Iyke: Will a woman expose her breast if she is not breastfeeding?

My friend: Why would she!! Is she mad?

Guess Iyke: Where is the sanity in exposing her breast in the name of breastfeeding a child?

My friend: You do not know what you are saying Iyke!!

Guess Iyke: If you see a lady wearing a dress that is revealing her cleavage, you brand it INDECENT DRESSING and have a whore impression of her. But a woman is almost totally exposing her breast in the name of breastfeeding a child and it is okay?

My friend: Why would you even look at a woman breastfeeding her child for God’s sake Iyke!!! It is a call of nature!!!

Guess Iyke: Why would you look at a woman that exposes her cleavage!!! It is a call of fashion!!

We both laughed.

Anyways; I have seen women who breastfeed publicly, even in buses and they use handkerchiefs to conceal their breast and even with binoculars, you cannot see anything. I have also seen women who breastfeed their children even at the international airport and what remains is for them to bring out the two melons at the same time sef!!!

For me ooo!!! My wife will package our property well ooo!! No public breastfeeding QED.

We really are all learners and i appreciate YOU my ANALYST’s for sharing your opinion. I look forward to more topics and your contributions. Thank you so much as we continue the conversation on this thread. Thank you for viewing Guess Iyke’s (ASD). You can join also our team of ANALYST’s.


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