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Minority leader, Lagos state House of Assembly – Hon. Hakeem Bello

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Welcome to your talk show Impact Formula
Segment – Analysis of our Society’s Diaries (ASD)-(Video)
Topic – My one year in office

Guess Iyke and his co-host Edith Nwokedi hosted Hon. Hakeem Bello on his talk show IMPACT FORMULA. Hon. Hakeem Bello is the minority leader, Lagos state House of Assembly and he turned one year in office today 8th of June 2016. He shared his achievements with us in one year and many more.

Full video can be viewed on our web TV, Guess TV on our website www.guesslinksglobal.com or our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/GuessTV

Below are Excerpts from our interview – Full video out in 48 hours

Guess Iyke and Edith welcome guest Hon. Hakeem Bello

Honorable 1

Guess Iyke – How long have you been actively involved in politics in lagos state?

Honorable 2

Guess Iyke – On the 8th of June you became one year in office. How have you been of impact?

Honorable 3

Guess Iyke –  What other projects/landmarks do you have in mind to achieve before your term expires?

Honorable 4

Guess Iyke – At the expiration of your term in office, what next?

Honorable 5

Guess Iykes hands over to Edith

Honorable 8

Honorable 11

Edith –  If you are to write your political experience so far in a book, what will you title that book?

Honorable 10

Edith – We have been chanting the change mantra yet the Government is asking Nigerians to be patient. So, “how long should it take a newly elected political office holder to make impact”?

Honorable 20

Honorable 15

Edith – Time to vent about something in politics. What do you not like about our political system?

Honorable 13

Edith – Share with with a quote in Youruba and kindly give us the English interpretation

Honorable 12

Honorable 16

Edith – Share with us one quote that has really inspired you

Honorable 17

Edith – Guess Iyke please share the quote of the day

Honorable 14

Quote of the day

silver n gold

Edith – Honorable, what advice do you have for youths in politics?

Honorable 19

Edith gives her last words for the show – “on fashion” #women

Honorable 18

We posed along Honorable Hakeem Bello’s many deserving awards.

hono image 1

We signed out

hono image 2


hono image 3

A GuessLinks Global production…”Your confidence, our business”

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