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Miss Swag Pre-wedding Shoot (One2018)

Pre-wedding Shoot

On the 8th of September Miss Lizzy get married to Ovie her long time heartthrob and Guess Iyke will be there to honor them.


 Pre-wedding Shoot :

One would wonder if this a cover for the latest James Bond Movie, Still looking at that shoe to pop up a knife. **winks.

Too much Source = too much swag. Yea! that’s How we roll…..

Bros we know, you know na… A lovely smiles kills it.


Love sweet oooh. Chai, She’s there holding him now and he’s smiling like say Trumpet don sound. Guy is not good ooo. Only you enjoying like this.


On behalf of my entire ASD Familia, i wish you a blissful married life. God bless #One2018. May this day and every 8th day of September, bring you good memories …Amen.

ASD/GuessLinks Global familia in gratitude to Mr. Wells

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks bro…. We appreciate

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