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My wife feeds my daughter negative stories and lies about me

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“Daddy, will you bring another mummy”?…i honestly did not understand her so i asked her what she meant…”my mummy said that you have 3 mummy and that you will bring another mummy for me”

Iyke man, how na?


I married my wife 6 years ago and we have 2 children, a girl first and a boy.


My father married 3 wives and each wife has 2 males and 2 females except my mum that has only one me and my 2 sisters. All my fathers children are grown and all married and Iyke you are an ibo man and i know you understand the pressure of having a male child especially in a polygamous home and to think that i am the only son from my mother.


So when i married my wife and she got pregnant i was really hoping that she will give birth to a son especially as i was the last to get married and all my other brothers have male children.


So when my wife gave birth and it was a girl, i was not happy at all and i just could not conceal my anguish. But eventually i got to my senses and Iyke man, i love my daughter a lot and in fact we are very close.

As God will have it, i have a son now. But Iyke man, i have a problem.


I came back from the field one Saturday morning, my wife had gone to the market. My daughter(she’s 5 now) and i were just watching TV. Some kids were playing “do you like this game” on TV and she asked me “Daddy, do you like me”…Of course i said yes. She then asked..”Why were you angry when i was born”? Iyke, you can imagine how shocked i was, i sat up from my seat. I knew for sure no one else but her mum could have told her such a story.

“What do you mean by that”? “Who told you that”? I made an oscar-deserving-effort to conceal my rage so that she will talk  more….”My mummy said that when i was born, you were angry with me and that you left us at the hospital for 2 days”…my daughter responded.

“Did she tell you why i was angry”?…I asked gently…”yes/no,yes/no”(you know how kids are)…With strained effort, i just tickled her a bit and i asked again…”Did she tell you why i was angry”?…”She said you don’t like me”…that was all she said….”Do i like you”?..i asked her…”Yes!Yes!Yes!..she screamed…children


After about an hour or so my wife came back from the market…(let me cut the long story short). We had a heated argument and Iyke man guess what!!! She was unapologetic…in her words….”my daughter needs to know how you treated her”. I could not believe that statement came from my wife. Just because i was not happy initially when my girl was born because i was expecting a boy; is that enough reason to blackmail me?

I have loved my daughter and my son in all the ways i know ever since and to think that my wife can be telling my daughter a story that can poison her mind! Madness, complete madness. I gave her a piece of my mind, i reprimanded her seriously.

IT HAPPENED AGAIN…”Daddy, will you bring another mummy”?

I was on leave recently and my children came back from school, after our domestic help had taken care of them. I went to their room to help my daughter with her home work. My boy had dozed off. The home work was something on mummy and daddy and my girl asked me…”Daddy, will you bring another mummy”?…i honestly did not understand her so i asked her what she meant…”my mummy said that you have 3 mummy and that you will bring another mummy for me”…that was when it clicked.

My wife has been telling my little girl of 6 how my father married 3 wives and that me i will marry another wife…Iyke man, can you imagine that.


What exactly is my wife out to achieve with all these, what will be her gain? For heavens’ sake she is just corrupting our children. Yes!!!! That is how i see it! I show my children love, i show my wife love, why is she feeling so unsecured. I have never laid my hands on my wife and i really cannot explain all these.


Iyke man you asked me if i talked with her? Well yes i did and her defense was not making any sense at all. I mean how can she be telling our daughter that i will marry another wife?? I have had it up to my neck and i don’t think i will be sane if it happens again. I wanted to inform her mother but i have never involved a third party in my marital affairs. I am just a confused man now. What do you think i should do?


Thank you so much for writing. I appreciate so much.

Honestly, i have read this story over and over and i cannot make head or tail of why your wife will be doing this. It just does not add up.

Even if she has premonition that you will marry a second wife, i doubt if it’s right to tell your daughter especially as she is still a child. Just does not add up.

I wish we have her own side of this story. In as much as she is acting irrationally, i am so sure that she has reason(s).

I also think that you should talk to someone who she respects a lot. There must be someone she holds in high esteem and will gladly confide in the person. So i strongly suggest that you tell the person about this and hopefully the person can get your wife to open up. There are either of two things:

* Either there is something she is not telling you or..

* There is something you have not told me

Regardless; i respect that you found time to write me and i pray that things fall into place for you. Obviously, you have the interest of your marriage at heart else you would never have bothered to write me.

Please talk to someone that your wife respects and hopefully all of you can have have a healthy meeting where you peeps can lay your cards on the table faced up.

Thank you for sharing your TRUE STORY with GUESS IYKE. I wish you the best in whatever decision(s) you make plus please look out for comments on this thread. God bless u plenty.

Guess Iyke

Thank you for reading GUESS IYKE’s TRUE STORIES..Beta to follow you..

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