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Ruby Rose & Girlfriend Jess Origliasso Kiss and Take a Bath Together

Real-life couple Ruby Rose and Jess Origliasso have brought their romance onscreen.


The two star in Jess’ progressive pop duo The Veronicas’ new, steamy music video, “On Your Side,” which the Orange Is the New Black actress wrote and directed.

It shows them kissing passionately in bed, against a wall, in a swimming pool and while sitting on the floor wearing unicorn costumes and playing Monopoly, and taking a bubble bath together. The clip also shows the dark side of relationships—jealousy, fighting and general angst. And it gets even darker when drugs are involved.

The video was released Thursday, more than a week after Jess said in an interview with radio station Nova FM that the two had rekindled their romance while filming “On Your Side,” which she said showcases their “love story.”

“We’ve been friends for eight years. We just reconnected over doing this video. We sort of just fell in love. It’s pretty cute honestly,” she said.

“On Your Side,” she said, is “about the dynamic, the highs and the lows of people in love, in a relationship.”

“Lisa and I have always been drawn to unconventional and honest story telling through our music; Ruby brought this to the forefront in our video,” Jess told The Daily Telegraph Australia. “Ruby is known for creating powerful and intensely affecting work and being given the opportunity to collaborate with her artistic force has been an incredible experience, both personally and professionally.”


Rose had also posted a video of Jess and her twin sister and band mate Lisa Origliasso on the dance studio set of “On Your Side.”

Jess also shared a photo of her doing sit-ups, joking, “When you film next to @rubyrose secret work outs are CRUCIAL HAHAHA.”



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