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Should people @ 50 dress like people @ 20?

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Topic – Should people @ 50 dress like people @ 20?

Key notes – Fashion is a beautiful thing – does it cut across age? Being trendy is awesome – does it cut across age? Advanced men dressing like boys. Advanced women dressing like girls. Does age have anything to do with how we dress?



Chamms 2

Whether you’re starting out in style or already a seasoned pro, as everyone gets older his wardrobe demands change accordingly. It is only the right decisions that will help one to look great at every stage of their life as they grow into the person they want to be.

There is no list that specify what clothes people need to give up once they reach a certain age: my view on the topic is that if you can pull it off, you should wear it—but that you would also be well-advised also pay close attention to your internal radar. Which is, if you feel they suddenly look silly on you, then you can stop wearing them.

Fashion is all about self-expression. If you feel great and you have the confidence and attitude to go with it, age is less relevant.

You can try not to look too younger but certainly not too older. It is okay to be modern and simple. However old we may be, we should dress for who we want to be!!



Even though I love breaking societal rules and testing boundaries, you can’t catch me dead sagging or wearing a ripped jeans. I just believe I have outgrown that stage. Back to the topic, should folks at 50 dress like 20s?

It is a fact that life is ironic. They say life begins at 40, yet they say a fool at 40 is a fool for ever. If life begins, shouldn’t one make foolish mistakes befitting of a child? It is said that age is of the mind, yet it is also said that dignity is the Forte of the elderly.

There is this concept called midlife crisis. Where men in their 40s and 50s intensely wanna make a statement that they still got their groove on, by womanizing, gorimakpa-style barbing, jeans – wearing and generally trying to do what the youths do. A period when men desperately wanna convince themselves they are “still in town”. Reviewing, creating and maintaining one’s self identity is usually crucial to how a man dresses in public.

I firmly believe everyone should be young at heart, but yet be dignified. It’s about finding a balance between being responsible and being playful. A 50 year old’s wardrobe should be a mixture of trads (for the various owambes), suits (for the various meetings), jeans plus Polo plus the occasional RayBan sunshades (to identify with the teenage children on their Inter-house Sports Day, as well as the short knicker for the once-in-a-blue-moon romp with “Madam”.

But like I said, it’s a “should” scenario. Each family has its own unique culture and tradition. Each man has his own emotional baggage and financial constraints. Each job has its own subtle expectation on dress codes. I opine that 90% of the time, a 50 year old should dress his age and the remaining 10% of the time, he should please dress like a 20 year old and shoki along with us, or whatever dance step is in vogue by that time jare.



Another good topic. I still find it hard to believe age is a factor for fashion or dressing.

Personally, i always believe people should wear what they are comfortable in. If you are 50, a woman and you feel comfortable in panty hose… go for it. Cuz no matter what you wear people will find reasons to talk about it. Just make sure you can lift your head up and walk with confidence.

I was walking 2 days ago in my normal casual outfit.. white t-shirt and a crazy jeans and overheard 3 men talking about my jeans.. i turned back and looked at them.. and just gave them a hand sign like they were talking too much (Not the finger though).

I was very comfortable in what i was wearing. And will wear it any day any time.

Just like musicians will say “there’s no age in the vocal booth”. I think the same thing goes for fashion. Its all about the event or the mood. Even if you dress like you are 50 when younger there’ll still be people who will believe you are dressing too old for your age.

Like i always believe don’t dress to impress, dress to boost your confidence.

A woman that i would regard as my mother once told me to always dress in suit at my age now. WTH, Will i wear a suit to go and buy fuel on a saturday?

The word Formal and casual serve a purpose and i never heard of age for casuals man! My dad still rocks jeans and snickers in his 60s’ and also my girl’s mother wears leggins and i lover her in them… We are always like “mom you no wan ‘gree for them sha” and she is comfortable in them.

So finally.. There’s is nothing like dressing at 50 or 20 for man! wear what you feel you can afford and are comfortable in as long as its for the right occasion. thats all from me iyke. Peace!!!



I love the popular saying which goes “The way you dress is the way you will be addressed” If a Woman/Man at 50 wants to be seen  as  20 because of dressing, Go ahead pls,The ball is in your court.

However, I notice that sometimes when someone tells you that you look 16,when you are are 40,it could be a compliment or an insult. It becomes an insult when you dress in tight clothes at the age of 40  and your friend/child/husband’s friends etc could not keep their eyes away from you at an event , you become embarrassed without anyone saying a word.

It could also be a compliment to you when you dress awful and you think you look gorgeous because everyone keep staring at you (smiles)

To me,Fashion cuts across all ages but dress sense matter alot as one grow older especially because of your children. The holy book says “Train up your child in the way of the Lord and when he grow up,he shall not depart from it”

Apart from your children looking up to you, what is your pride as a woman, not a girl,not a lady,i mean a WOMAN ? How do you carry yourself?  How do you see yourself?  Do you know that being classy is sexy? You don’t need to dress in an abnormal way before you look fine,sexy or gorgeous. Remember you are a role model to someone.

(I had to concentrate on the female gender because I am a woman )

Zee cares

Guess Iyke

Guess Iyke

Thank you my totally reliable analyst. I love you guys beyond words. ASD will be nothing without you guys. Thank you.

Should people @ 50 dress like people @ 20? This is a very debatable topic and many will say “different strokes for different folks”.

However if we agree that “There is nothing as important as dressing for the occasion”, then one can also say “There is nothing as important as dressing your age”. Now i have heard folks come shopping and the seller offers them a dress/cloth and they say:

” What is this”? “I be like yoppie for your eye”? – “You want me to look like these small, small girls”? or

” What is this”? ” You want me looking like one PAPA”?

Amazing how one adult thinks the dress/cloth will make them look childish and another adult thinks that the dress/cloth will make them look old fashioned.

There is this quote by Mohammed Ali i love so much(God bless his soul).

Ali quote

This could simply mean that as we grow older the concept of our fashion changes. “Being fashionable”, “Being trendy” is awesome. However it’s noteworthy to mention that “Fashion is an instant language”.”What you wear speaks “YOU” without you even saying a word. This statement means that people can instantly “SUM YOU UP” GOING BY HOW YOU ARE DRESSED…”without you saying a word”.

So “Should people @ 50 dress like people @ 20”? Realistically speaking “Opinion is what really changes”. Your opinion of a “fashion – trend” cannot change the existence of that “fashion – trend”. So as you are thinking a “fashion – trend” is for “boys/girls”, some are thinking that the same “fashion – trend” is for “men/women”.

I love fashion a lot, in fact dressing well for me is like “culture”..it’s a way of life. I like going with fashion trends however i always strike a balance between “trend” and what befits my status. There are some trends that could just be “crossing the line” and for me it’s a NO! NO! #sagging..

We really are all learners and i appreciate YOU my ANALYST’s for sharing your opinion. I look forward to more topics and your contributions. Thank you so much as we continue the conversation on this thread. Thank you for viewing Guess Iyke’s (ASD). You can join also our team of ANALYST’s.


  1. Zainab I don’t see how dressing to look 16 will make people say u look younger n also you said it could be a n insult or a compliment.. Scrape out the insult… Cuz I looking old and getting compliments could also mean an insult OKay.?

  2. @Jeremiah I once had a boss who was sagging.. He was over 40 and even a millionaire.. You don’t have to say to sag at 40 and don’t have to look old in clothes either.. My point is be confident n comfortable.. I don’t diss people for Wat they wear especially casual clothes… Age no be factor abeg Na African mentality… Besides life doesn’t even begin at 40..it begins at different times to different people

      • ive seen a guy sagging in a cool way well… i loved it. at the same time ive seen others that irritate me… it suits some people… don’t forget i mentioned formal and casual… casual is casual


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