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Show her where you buy your goods from; next thing she’s going behind you

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“Abeg go jo, you just dey knack us since”.”You don use our money go buy car na”

How are you Guess Iyke? I want to share with you one matter that has pained me so much.

In fact i had an argument with some mutual friends over this same matter and i really want to know what you think.


I buy men clothes and accessories from the island; shoes, shirts, pants, chinos, ties, suits….you just name it. I buy and sell to my ‘friends’ and ‘social media friends’. I advertise a nice pair of shoes or shirts or anything on my WATS app profile and on FB and guys call me and place order(s) for them.

I pick up the item from the market and i deliver to the guy(s) and i make my money. So anything i see that is nice and trendy, i buy and sell.

It has been working Iyke. I must say that it has been working. So because of how much i move around, i have so many contacts in the market; so many suppliers where i can source for whatever order i get from my customers.


Iyke i have these girlfriends(two of them) and we have been friends for a long time. One of them works with one law firm, she is one of their secretaries and the other used to work with a telecommunication company but her company downsized and she lost her job.


Business has been good Iyke and i have just bought a car. Not necessarily because i want to pose but because i carry things i sell around a lot and i need a car to make it easier for me.

Since i bought my car, my friend that works with the law firm has been asking for me to involve our other friend in what i do since she has been unable to get another job. I did not need any convincing. So i involved her:


So when i go to buy stuff in the market, i take her. She buys what i buy and puts up pictures on her wats app profile and also puts up pictures on FB and Instagram. She gets calls for the items and she delivers and sells. She started making money and expanding her network.


Iyke guess what; she and i have some mutual male friends on social media. Do you know that she reached out to them and started selling things to them a lot cheaper than i was selling.

For instance, a pair of shoes i sell for 25k, she tells them that she can sell for 20k, just to get them to patronize her.

All these were going on behind me and i never knew. Who knows what else she was offering them(i know you know what i mean).


I just realized that many of my customers were not calling me anymore, i thought it was part of the recession, i never knew that this girl(i can’t call her a friend anymore) was busy calling my customers and offering them stuff at a slashed price.

Iyke you won’t believe that she even takes some of the customers directly to the market where we buy stuff. Some of them that had issues with size, instead of her going to sort out the size difference and get them their actual size, she took them to the market. Can you see how daft she it?


One of the guys i sell shirts to called me. In fact, i called him 3X but he didn’t answer. It was like some hours later that he called back and i asked him: “How far na! Don’t you need anything? I have some new shirts now and even shoes. Did you see the shoes i put up on FB”?

“Abeg go jo, you just dey knack us since”.”You don use our money go buy car na”. I was confused…”Wetin you dey talk”? I asked…”Make i give you scores”…he said and Iyke…He told me a lot..”How she has been contacting most of our mutual friends” – “How she has been selling things to them at slashed price compared to what i was selling” – “How she told them that i used their money to buy car” – “How she even takes some of them directly to the shops where we buy things from” – “How she said that me i am greedy and that i why i sell at too high a price”.

“Iyke my ear full”.


Iyke i confronted her o!! Hmm…It’s long but i will cut it short. I invited her with our other friend that works in the law firm to my house and i dropped the bomb. She denied it!!! But when i told her who told me, she was quiet. Omo, i beat her blue and black. Iyke i beat her o!!


I promised to keep the story short. I hope i achieved that. I told all our friends, i told her mum, i told her brothers, i told my mum. Our friends and my mum were blaming me; that i should never have taken my friend to where i buy things.

My mum said i should not mix business and friendship and that i should never have introduced her to what i do and how i source for my goods. But i really don’t know.


I really need an opinion outside my circle. I like your platform and i need to know. Do you think there is something wrong with what i did? Trying to help my friend? What do you think?


Thank you so much for writing. I appreciate this story and i am sure many have experienced same as you have and many will still encounter same as you have. Thank you once more.

I choose to start with a quote, i am paraphrasing now as i could not get the original words:

“If you close your eyes because of bad people how will you know when the good ones are passing”?

As long as there is life, there will be good people and there will be bad people. There will be good friends and there will be bad friends. At least now you are wiser.

However, in this context, i cannot say that i see anything wrong with what you did; i do not see anything wrong with you helping your friend.

Many have done what you did in the past and the friend(s) they helped never turned around to betray them. Instead those friends have owed their success to the one who helped them.

God uses helpers in form of you and i. So one can argue that God used you as a helper to her but only in this case maybe there is a bigger lesson God wants you to learn or better still God is using this “small situation” to prevent something worse she could have done to you in future. God could actually have used this to cut her off you.

I fully understand your mums concern and all that but i doubt if i can totally blame you. Everyone alive needs a helper.

I pray God will fortify you the more and open your eyes even more to who are your friends and who are your ‘frenemies’.

Thank you for sharing your TRUE STORY with GUESS IYKE. I wish you the best in whatever decision(s) you make plus please look out for comments on this thread. God bless u plenty.

Guess Iyke

Thank you for reading GUESS IYKE’s TRUE STORIES..Beta to follow you..

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