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There is more to a man than a ‘big penis’ – True or False?

Welcome to your talk show Impact Formula
Segment – Analysis of our Society’s Diaries (ASD)-(ANALYST’s OPINION)
Topic – There is more to a man than a ‘big penis’ – True or False?

Key notes: If it is ‘true’, it will be logical to say that all men with big penis are the best men so they get the best women or that all men with big penis never have failed marriages. Perhaps it is ‘false’, what are the ‘more’ that make a man?




First of all, a real man is not all about the big penis and all of that macho pride, a man is one who build homes, get married, raise children, even raise someone else’s. They produce strategies for success, they look for someone to take care of, they demand respect and know how to give it.

It is only a foolish man that would think the size of his penis is all that matters to make his life perfect. There are so much to a man than that!!!!! Is it going to bring food on the table?

If u even try to check these men out, most of them are just lazy with the ‘big thing’.

Does he keep his house in order?

There are no pizza boxes sitting around, there are no undershirts on the floor, and there certainly won’t be any unpaid bills being used as beer coasters. No one can master his professional or personal life if he isn’t already the master of his own home.

This means that laziness is not an excuse to live like a bottom-feeder.

A real man takes care of his appearance.

One of the first things that the best woman is going to notice about him is his look and attention to hygiene.
He doesn’t settle for handouts, charity or his ‘size’ when it comes to his personal fortune. He makes his own fortune.
He strives to be a role model. If he begins to build a family, part of his responsibility is to set a solid example for his children.

His word is his bond, if he cannot keep a promise, he doesn’t give his word.

He doesn’t gossip.

He is very focused, it is not a bad thing if he gets distracted one way or the other but the most important thing is always to have a clear direction and make sure nothing gets in the way of his plans.

For me, these are the some of the things i expect from a man and not the size of his stuff. Its just not a good perception of a MAN.



I think this topic of what makes a man cannot be exhausted in a post. It is wide and deep and multifaceted. However, I choose to address it from this perspective.

Firstly, unlike what society chooses to market, I firmly believe there is no “real men” anywhere. There is a progression from infant to toddler, child, teenager, young man and finally to a full grown matured man. And there is the physical, spiritual, social, academic, financial, mental and psychological dimension to a man (and woman too). Any person’s growth can be truncated in one aspect but it might not be visible. Thus you can have a physically endowed man but stunted financially and still struggling in that area. Summary? We are all work in progress. Ladies should reduce their expectation and desire for “real men”, especially “real bachelor men”. It puts us under undue pressure and makes us look for shortcuts to our process of growth.

Secondly, human (women) wants are insatiable. It takes maturity to separate wants from needs. Hence the irony. The wife of the ever travelling business tycoon lives in luxury but complains of neglect and sexual dissatisfaction. The girlfriend of the fresh graduate has a whole lot of attention from her guy, in fact the most frequent play they play is sex, but no money to be taken out to Elegushi beach. The grass is often not greener on the other side, due to the insatiable nature of man. Contentment is key.

Thirdly, the Penis issue. Sexual prowess is a skill. Skills are learnt, and practice makes perfect. It’s similar to driving a vehicle. Either a Beetle or a Muscle, the skill is the same. It’s sad that experimentation with pornography sowed the seed of “Bigger penis wows women” in the male mind at that tender age during adolescence. And it takes a lot of correct information, school of hard knocks and time to unlearn that fallacy and learn the correct knowledge that big penis doesn’t guarantee anything from the most beautiful women to the sleekest cars.

After all, you don’t bare your trousers to woo a woman. You observe first all the women folk first, crosscheck with your own particular specs before reaching a decision to ask a particular lady out. That is Vision. Introspection. Clarity about what you want. Taking Risks. Then you carry your leg to her and talk first. That’s confidence. Self Esteem. Then you arrange or agree on when and where next to meet. That’s Money. Time. The rest is left to your imagination.

In conclusion, big penis isn’t an ATM card that withdraws money. Thanks



Aghhhh! What a Topic. I’ll start by asking, can a Big penis pay bills or Satisfy a woman in Bedon both occasions my answer is no. I personally believe its not by the game but by its the player, or better still not who wears the best boots but the one who has skills.

To be honest, having a Big penis… (Like i do **smiles), has its advantages, i’ll say even more advantages.. but its definitely doesn’t make a man. Is just like saying someone with a Big head is smart. I don’t agree that men with Big Penis get the best woman and never have failed marriages or relationship. That’s so not correct. What about attributes like attitude, tolerance, commitment. Get a 20 inch penis and lack the necessary characteristics of a man? to me you are already a woman. Im trying so hard no to go deep on this topic maybe people will join in later and make me.

Also i don’t agree that money makes a man… Yes having money is good, being able to strike in bed in also good and very important to a woman. at least that’s how they see you as a man in the first place.

But really, A real man, Commands respect, can provide for himself, can satisfy his partner (very important). So when you ask is there more to a man than a BIG penis… My answer is BIG YES…



Zee has her hands full…you peeps will find out later….#winks

Guess Iyke

Guess Iyke

My start is nothing if i do not honor my humble, loyal and faithful analysts. God will continually bless you guys. Thank you for your time.

There is more to a man than a ‘big penis’ – True or False?

100% TRUE

Undoubtedly! A big penis is an ‘advantage’, however it will truly be an advantage if the owner knows how to use it. By the way; there are many other ways of satisfying your partner in bed without necessarily having a big penis…i will have to leave that lesson to the experts.. #hehehe

There indeed is really more to a man than a ‘big penis’. Let me narrow this down to RELATIONSHIPS. Ponder over this;

Men with big penis never have failed marriages….FALSE

Men with big penis get the best women….FALSE

Men with big penis take care of women better….FALSE

Men with big penis are more faithful to their partnersFALSE

Men with big penis love their partners better….FALSE

Men with big penis are more ‘quality men‘….FALSE

Men with big penis produce better children….FALSE

MEN with big penis last longer during sex….FALSE

Having a big penis does in no way make one man more-quality and the other man less-quality. Let us face it!! The only advantage that a big penis has is during sex. What is even funny is that, a man can have a big penis and cannot even use it well during sex.

A man with a small penis can be a 2 minute man as well as a man with a big penis can be a 2 minute man. Who even said it takes only penis size to ‘wow’ a woman in bed?

So one will then ask, what are the ‘more’ that make a man? In as much as the answer to this question could be relative, i wish to state that:

1/ Responsibility – Taking responsibility for your action is a plus. Taking up your responsibility (financially and otherwise) to your partner and familia is a plus

2/ RESPECT – Showing respect to your partner indoor and outdoor is a plus. Conducting yourself in a way that gains your partners respect is a plus

3/ LOVE – It takes a man to (A) love. It takes a man to (B) love and show it. When you ‘love’ and you ‘show’ your partner your love, it is a plus

4/ FORGIVENESS – It is easy to forgive a person whom you gain from because you know you stand to lose. When you can forgive even those you have nothing to gain from, it is a plus

He does not provide for your financial needs. He turns you to his punching bag at the slightest provocation. He cheats on you even with your friends. He bears a grudge all the time. So all he has/all he is worth is between his legs….This sure is not my definition of a man!!

A big penis is good. But it is never priority; an incentive?…maybe.

We really are all learners and i appreciate YOU my ANALYST’s for sharing your opinion. I look forward to more topics and your contributions. Thank you so much as we continue the conversation on this thread. Thank you for viewing Guess Iyke’s (ASD). You can join also our team of ANALYST’s.

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