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Topic – Children learn more living in boarding schools than going from home daily – Analysis

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Welcome to your talk show Impact Formula
Segment – Analysis of our Society’s Diaries (ASD)-(ANALYST’s OPINION)
Topic – Children learn more living in boarding schools than going from home daily – Analysis

Key notes: We all have our idiosyncrasies; every child has his/her own disposition. Do you think parents should factor a child’s disposition before sending a child to a boarding school or do you think its an outright “it’s in the best interest of the child to go to a boarding school”(with reference to secondary school children).

Analyst’s opinion



Chamii could not join us today



Boarding Schools has its pros and cons, and each family has to weigh it in the light of the circumstances surrounding them.

In this contemporary times, there is mostly a finance vs time imbalance. It’s either you have plenty time to spend with the children but less money, or plenty money but no time! Some families have both parents actively involved in their career. Husband is a seafarer, madam is a banker. Plenty money, less time for the child(ren). It would be a sensible plan to send the child(ren) to boarding school rather than them being at home and being at the mercies of dstv, the house help and nannies.

It would be tricky to send a child to boarding house when either of the parents either have the time, or can rearrange their schedule to spend quality time with the child. But! No two parents are the same.

What a child learns at the boarding house would be slightly different from what he/she would learn at home. Lessons learnt from youthful exuberance that might have been suppressed if at (some) homes are explored in the boarding house. But parental love and affection are abundant at (some) home which is absent in the boarding house.

Any child would do well both at home or in the boarding house, irrespective of their dispositions. It’s a matter of selecting a school with values that aligns with the parents’ values, and hope that the child has enough friendship with the parents to report any hidden vices present among the boarders before they become messed up. Thanks



Before you talk about boarding school, abeg which one.. cause the one i went to Government College Ketu, Epe (GCK).

That one na Prison oh.. I was bullied and couldn’t even think of the books but the fear of my seniors.

So my experience of boarding school is the one i can talk about. I can never send my kid to a boarding school owned by the government, except private ones.. the memory lingers.

I’m not saying boarding schools are not good, as a matter of fact. I think they are better.

As regard learning which is the main reason for today. Children in boarding school are more organised.

1. They learn how to be independent.
2. They stay away from t.v more
3. They understand how to use time, in boarding school every minute counts

The list is longer but i’m okay with these. I’m not against “Day schools”, i’m just of the opinion that children
from boarding learn things about life that they wouldn’t. Day schools have their own advantages definitely.

I’m not comparing and contrasting… I’m simply making a choice. Everyone will definitely have a reason to choose something different.

If i have anything else to add i will post a comment. Thanks



Boarding school is a very great avenue to train children but it also has its own side effects.

Example of such effects is bad habits some children pick up in school where they don’t have adults to take a closer look at their behaviors;

Lesbianism, “Gayism”, stealing, having sex and so on.

All these things happen for real though not all children pick these habits but lets see it from this angle: Majority of these kids range from 10years to 16years and we all know that teenagers likes to explore,this is the time they want to be involve in almost all things.

These children are many and the people in charge of them are very few in numbers , they have their families and their own problems to deal with so the care these children in the hostel get, are not adequate.

However, some parents are able to give their kids home training before sending them to a boarding school but some don’t.

Finally,when you send your kids to boarding schools, they come out differently, either better or worse. So its your choice.

Guess Iyke

Guess Iyke

Thank you Chams, J, Wells and Zee. I will always appreciate you guys…ALWAYS

Children learn more living in boarding schools than going from home daily – Analysis

I have seen these topic on a few platforms in the past and i want to say emphatically that if i respond to this topic given my own boarding house experience, i doubt if any parent will want to send their wards to boarding school anymore.

However, having attended a boarding school; i believe strongly that i learned what it meant to be independent at a very early stage. I learned how to make my own decisions and be responsible for them. I learned how expensive mistakes could be and how important it is not to repeat them.

I will not talk about the reasons why peeps send their wards to boarding schools as Jeremiah has addressed that well.

But i want to add that knowing your child’s’ idiosyncrasy is so important as regards if ‘it’ has to be “boarding house” or “day student”.

I mean how can you explain that two children from the same parents with the same upbringing are placed in the same school with the same conditions and one does better than the other(given that every other thing is equal).

It just comes down to ” some children have more strength in some areas where others don’t “. ” Some children need more help in some areas where others don’t “. Parents must understand their children first before making the decision as to if ‘it’ has to be “boarding house” or “day student”.

Also do they have health conditions such as epilepsy, asthma etc, this also has to be a key factor that decides “boarding house” or “day student”.

So, Children learn more living in boarding schools than going from home daily? I cannot say it’s a 100% yes.

If you raise CHILD A in two different environments in two different life times; in “life one – environment one” the child will come out different from raising the same child in “life two – environment two”. Understanding the child’s’ idiosyncrasy is so important.

We really are all learners and i appreciate YOU my ANALYST’s for sharing your opinion. I look forward to more topics and your contributions. Thank you so much as we continue the conversation on this thread. Thank you for viewing Guess Iyke’s (ASD). You can join also our team of ANALYST’s.

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