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Topic – Is domestic violence genetic or environmental?

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Topic – Is domestic violence genetic or environmental?

Key notes: Dad beats up mum while baby watches; Mum beats up dad while baby watches. Is this how a child learns domestic violence? Is domestic violence genetically passed on from parents to their children or does the society teach or encourage domestic violence? So many questions. I have seen this topic on many platforms but you know knowledge can never be exhausted.

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I think it is both.

In every human, young or old lies the capacity to do good and do evil. A child has the capacity not only for domestic violence, but to murder, to lie and to do any evil imaginable. Domestic violence is genetic, it runs in every human’s DNA. Also a child has the capacity to bring the cure for cancer, to travel to space and to invent facebook. It is said that the problem of the world is an adult, and the solution is a child.

A child also learns domestic violence from the society he lives in. Even if he doesn’t see his parents engaged in it, she sees agbero flog bus conductor for fun, he sees people fighting on the streets, she watches African Magic and sees somebody beating somebody up. Add up the Nigerian Factor that believes that rules, if existent at all, are meant to be broken. Especially with no corresponding justice and punishment. All these installs the program in a child that its okay to beat someone, provided you are not caught.

Also, most men who beat their wives do not set out to do so. It might be that because we have not learnt to creatively express our masculine energy, and transmute our anger. The East has Martial Arts, the West has Sports. All these engage the kids, and help them express testosterone, and emotions. They serves as a medium to coach, mentor, discipline and lead the kids. What do we have? ‘Shut up! Boys don’t cry, goan read your book’ that is what we have.

In conclusion, there are many dynamics involved in a man engaged in domestic violence. Some of us are still children in men’s bodies, children yearning for love and acceptance. Some of us need to identify, and embrace other emotions in us other than anger. Some of us have to consciously develop our relationship with God in order to study His relationship with us and model the same to our sons. Thanks



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Guess Iyke

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Thank you Chams, J, Wells and Zee. I will always appreciate you guys…ALWAYS…There will be no ASD without you peeps. Gracias.

Is domestic violence genetic or environmental?

It looks a bit tricky to nail this argument to one side of the divide as good arguments abound from both sides.


I am not a psychologist but i sure know that domestic violence is mostly spurred by anger and anger is a component of Temperament. I strongly believe that parents can transfer “personality” to their children.

Take for instance polygamy. Statistics shows that most polygamous men had polygamous parents. I have a friend who’s father married two wives and each wife has grown sons. Do you know that my friends’ elder brother divorced his first wife and has a second wife. My friends’ elder step brother divorced his wife and has a second wife. Now my friend and his wife are separated and he is already negotiating a new wife. There could be a religious explanation to this analogy and might not completely suit this topic but it opens ones’ mind to the role of genetics.


Domestic violence is behavior that is learned through observation and reinforcement in both the family and society. Yes indeed anger and temperaments can be transferred from one parent to another. However, i think the execution of this anger – the transformation of “anger to physical abuse” is more of something that is learned in both the family and society.

Many of us have called others our “role models” both in the positive and in the negative. “I like the way my dad handles my mum”. “You have to make your wife scared of you”. “You need to show her you are in charge, you are the man”. “My husband can’t intimidate me o!You need to be a strong woman”. These words, feed our subconscious and can make many of us go overboard.

There is a saying in German that is taken from an American author. “A child who is not loved becomes an adult who does not know how to love.” Domestic violence is mostly a learned behavior, although genetics would no doubt influence the outcome. The bullied become the bullies.


Parents should be careful what they do in the presence of their children. In fact, adults should be careful what they do in the presence of children. Even if domestic violence is genetically transferred, people especially as adults still have a choice of what to do and how to live. Even if domestic violence are learned behaviors, i support the premise that it can be unlearned….#saynotodomesticviolence

We really are all learners and i appreciate YOU my ANALYST’s for sharing your opinion. I look forward to more topics and your contributions. Thank you so much as we continue the conversation on this thread. Thank you for viewing Guess Iyke’s (ASD). You can join also our team of ANALYST’s.



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