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Walking out on your partner during a fight – YES OR NO?

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Topic – Walking out on your partner during a fight – YES OR NO?

Key notes: Is it right for the woman to walk out of her man during a quarrel? Or only men can do that!! Fights and quarrel are synonymous with relationships. Yes indeed they come in different shapes and magnitudes. But the question is this, when one is involved in a heated argument with a partner/spouse, is it in the best interest of the relationship for one to “walk out” of the other person? Is walking out during a fights/quarrel easier for the man than it is for the woman? “How dare you walk out on me”? Is that the sound of the mans’ voice? Let us learn.

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This issue views conflicts and quarrels from the cultural view.

Culture implies that a man is always more ‘right’ in a relationship. And that the older is always more ‘right’ than the younger. So when an older man and a younger woman get married, the man has a double right to be ‘righter’than the woman.
In that light, it is acceptable for the man to raise his voice, and even walk away from the scene while it isn’t for the woman. Best she would wisely do is to keep silent and bear, and wait for the time the man is calmer to express herself. If she does different, the man takes offence, and many are the women domestically abused as a result.

Nowadays, relationships are a potpourri of culture, religion and modern times. So a man does cultural rights to get married, does the wedding and enter the marriage with cultural expectations and suddenly expected to become uncultural and modern. The woman laps all the cultural paparazzi prior to wedding, but wants a modern marriage. It simply doesn’t blend that fast.

Basically, misunderstandings births quarrels. Conflicts are bigger quarrels. Elongated conflicts becomes strife. Misunderstandings are born when two blind people feel an elephant,one touches the leg and says elephant is a tree; the other touches the side and insists it’s a wall. So both insist they are right, and one or both become egoistic and feels the other person disrespects his own point of view.

The kind of government run in a relationship determines what obtains if it is acceptable to walk away or not. Christ says submit each to one another, the leader should wash the feet of the follower. Means if MADAM walks away, it’s all good, don’t take it personal. Culture says if MADAM walks away, slap her, or abuse her verbally. Modern times says the hotter tempered one should communicate clearly for a timeout, walk away, take responsibility for emotions, cool down and come back to address the issue till its a win win situation.

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Let me use myself as an example cause we all know our different reactions to this. Personally I walk out… it’s better to walk out and explain later after allowing the situation to settle down. It’s better to walk out. So you don’t say things you don’t mean as things escalate.

It may hurt you partner that moment. But, we also need to understand that no argument is settled in a heated environment.

At the same time walking out will definitely not provide a solution. So while you are out of the situation. It’s best if you really asked yourself what started it in the first place and start digging for a solution on ur own.

A lot of guys cannot stand to watch their woman walk out on them and same goes for some females. Maybe me too. Smiles. This is why I can’t really say how to handle this for different folks. But I believe we all know how we can handle our partners in different situations. We know them better than anyone else. Do what you think is best.

But I believe walking out will help better in a heated situation, when you come back explain the reason.

Sometimes I even gives myself a start up speech to get it right on my own before coming back. Hehehe….



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Guess Iyke

Guess Iyke

Thank you Chams, J, Wells and Zee. I will always appreciate you guys…ALWAYS…There will be no ASD without you peeps. Gracias.

Walking out on your partner during a fight – YES OR NO?

Is it right for the woman to walk out of her man during a quarrel? Or only men can do that!!

Hmmmm…I think i will be correct if i say that no two partners can share exactly the same belief given that they had different upbringing. Suffice to say that the argument of ‘Walking out on your partner during a fight’ whether as the man or the woman would cut across culture and geography.

However, regardless of our geographical or cultural inclination, i think that Walking out on your partner during a fight favors the man more than it favors the woman.

Why exactly do people walk out of their partners during a fight?

Who is right? Or who feels offended: Indeed, during many fights, each partner tends to defend his/her own opinion and wants to establish how right he/she is. However, in a case where one partner catches the other cheating and an argument ensues it usually is the one who feels offended that storms out.

To prevent escalation, loss of temper and possibly physical abuse: In this case, a man who knows that he can “flip the lid” when he’s angry will gladly walk out of a heated argument so as not to get physically abusive.

Ladies: I think the first thing to do is to know your partner. If you find out that your partner is volatile and erratic when angry, it’s best to keep quiet during a fight/argument. If he has expressed displeasure in walking out on him, i think its best you just keep quiet while he vents. I mean, what’s the point in walking out on him and getting a “black eye”. Wisdom is key here.

Guys: I think the first thing to do is to know your partner. Let us face it; some women can be very flippant with words during a fight/argument and can even make “statue of liberty loose its cool”. If you have such a woman for a partner and you know you will loose your control if she starts “displaying”; i think it’s best to walk out and allow things cool off.

In as much as i believe that a “negative response can’t solve a negative situation, i also think that safety comes first. So “Walking out on your partner during a fight – YES OR NO?”…If it will save the day…it’s a YES for me.

We really are all learners and i appreciate YOU my ANALYST’s for sharing your opinion. I look forward to more topics and your contributions. Thank you so much as we continue the conversation on this thread. Thank you for viewing Guess Iyke’s (ASD). You can join also our team of ANALYST’s.


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