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We gave my uncle’s son a job, now he turns around and betrays us

“If he can turn around and betray you like this, who knows what he will do to me given the opportunity”.”I will pay him off tomorrow and that is it”. “My son, all my years on earth, i have never seen such wisdom”


How are you Iyke. Nice chatting with you. Thank you for accepting my request. I am from Imo state and i live and work here. My father owns a versed piece of land in my village in Imo. It is well over six plots and this land has our home, a large cassava farm where my mum also rears animals.


Just behind the main house is a large empty space(say about 2 plots or so). Last year October a telecommunication company came to my village to start operations. So they were looking for a site to mount their mast. They chose our compound as they said it provided the best service and it was a good location so after all logistics and protocols were met, they mounted their mast behind my house (where we have this “over 2 plots of land”).


The telecommunication company built a cage around the mast even though our whole compound is fenced. Besides the mast,they had other equipment there that needed to be secured hence the cage was inevitable. They needed security people that will guard their equipment day and night and part of their agreement with my dad was that my dad would provide the security personnel that will handle that.

My last brother finished secondary school last two years and is yet to gain admission into the university so the telecommunication company employed him. Also my dad has a distant relative(way older than my dad). He has been close to us as long as i can remember. This my uncle also has a son (way older that me too). So my younger brother and my uncle’s son were both employed to guard the place.


Their employment was skeletal last December but began fully by January. Every evening there is a female supervisor from the telecommunication company that comes around to see how things are going. She and my mum got very close so most times when she comes, my mum gives her food, fruits etc (trust mothers na).

My uncles house is about 10 minutes walk from my house so his son resumes by 8 AM in the morning and closes by 5 PM in the evening. Him and my brother are supposed to work day and night but we have 5 ekuke dogs in my house…lol. So if you enter my house in the night..you are toast.

So technically they are employed to work day and night but they actually work only during the day. They worked January, February, March, April then something happened; I came back from work one evening say around 5:30 PM and i saw my dad, my mum, my two sisters and my younger brother having a heated argument. I greeted my parents but their response was “come, come come”. “Papa what happened”? I asked, a little edgy. “The supervisor just left here now” he said “and what she told me and your mother just shocked me”. “What did she say Papa”? I asked.

“The supervisor said that when she got to our house today my uncle’s son approached her” and the following happened;


My uncle’s son – Good evening ma

Supervisor – How are you?

My uncle’s son – I am fine ma. Ma please can i tell you something?

Supervisor – Sure, go ahead

My uncle’s son – I know you people employed us to work here day and night. But it is only day that we work. My uncle ( ie my father ) said that once you leave that we can close. So everyday ma, we close by 5 pm.

Supervisor – Really!

My uncle’s son – Yes ma. I know it is not good but because in the night people can come in here and steal something. I told my uncle ( ie my father ) that we should work day and night but he said we should not worry since he has dogs that he releases at night.

Supervisor – Are you serious!

My uncle’s son – Yes ma! Even most times, during the day, i am the only one here. My uncle ( ie my father ) keeps sending his son on errands ( ie my brother ). Sometimes for a whole day i will be the one here.

Supervisor – Wow!

My uncle’s son – Yes ma. What they are doing is not good. Ma, i have a younger who is not working and he can work here at night and i will work during the day. My uncle’s son ( ie my brother ) is not serious. You are just paying him for nothing.

Iyke, this is the report the supervisor gave my dad.


“Papa are you serious”? Hey!! I exclaimed. “So what happened afterwards” i asked. “My son, what that woman said after narrating what that boy told her shocked me even more than the story itself”.

Iyke here is the supervisor’s comments.


Daddy(she calls my father daddy). After i heard these things from this boy. I told him not to worry that i will address this matter with you.

“Daddy, i don’t want to see that boy again! I am sacking him”. “I will pay him off tomorrow and that is it”. “I know how much you talked about him before i employed him”. “If he can turn around and betray you like this, who knows what he will do to me given the opportunity”.

Iyke my father said: “My son, all my years on earth, i have never seen such wisdom, i have never seen such maturity”. Well Iyke that is the story.


The next day, my relative resumed work as usual. Before then my dad called his dad and asked him to come to our house. In fact Iyke, i did not go to work as i wanted to witness the whole drama myself. By 10 AM the supervisor sent someone to bring the boys salary to our house (she meant business).

After noon, i think it was about 12:40 PM, his dad came. After pleasantries, my dad called me and my mum and then called the boy. So the meeting had my dad, my mum, my uncle, the boy and myself. My dad narrated the whole story, when he finished, the boy fell face down to the floor and was begging. His father buried his face in his hands. There was complete shock and disbelief on his face (i felt sorry for him).


I am sorry Iyke, i tried to keep this short but i needed to give you details so the story will make sense. My question now is this; My uncle (the boys dad) has been begging. He wants the supervisor to take his son back. My mum is sympathetic and is trying to talk my dad into talking to the supervisor. My dad is totally obstinate. My mum asked me what i think…i have my thoughts though but i said let me share this with you. Do you think my parents should talk to the supervisor about “taking the boy back”?


Thank you for writing and yes, it was nice chatting with you too. Your story is very unique i must confess. But i find even the supervisors character more unique. In fact i think the story is unique because of the supervisors character.

I usually dance around a bit before i nail my point but i will tell you my point as it comes to me now: It will be disastrous to take that boy back. If your father and mother appreciates the supervisors “wisdom” and “maturity”, then they should also respect it.

If the boy in question was working directly for your dad and on his payroll, it might be different but as long as this “unique supervisor” has chosen to overlook your family’s inadequacy (lack of a better word to use) and accord your dad so much respect, it is only fair that your dad and mum in fact your family should respect her decision and leave that matter as it is.

Thank you for sharing your TRUE STORY with GUESS IYKE. I wish you the best in whatever decision(s) you make plus please look out for comments on this thread. God bless u plenty.

Guess Iyke

Thank you for reading GUESS IYKE’s TRUE STORIES..Beta to follow you


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