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We treat them like ‘demi gods’ here but they treat us like ‘shit’ in their country – My experience

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But trust me Naija boy!! I sat down and ignored her. But guess what? She stood up along with her daughters, carried their food and left. I cared less.

Guess Iyke, i want to use your medium to vent about something that really ‘pisses’ me. I am not preaching a dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries but i must say that somethings i see happen here in Nigeria so just ‘pisses’ me

My Hong Kong Experience

I traveled to Hong Kong some years back and one evening i went to an eatery to have dinner. After getting my food, i carried the tray and was looking for an empty seat, i found a table with a Hong Kong woman and her 2 children, it had one more empty seat. As i went to sit down, just as i placed my tray on the table; the woman started remonstrating “Go! Go! Go!.

Apparently that was the only English she could speak. Because i was ‘black skin’, i was unfit to share the same table with she and her 2 daughters.

But trust me Naija boy!! I sat down and ignored her. But guess what? She stood up along with her daughters, carried their food and left. I cared less.

My China Experience

Often times(has happened to me twice) at the arrival point entering China, once the immigration officers spots a black man on the cue, they fish us out and give us double screening. In fact at one of the times it happened to me, i was delayed for over 30 minutes. They just were looking for something to pin on me.

My China Experience 2

One time i went to buy sun glasses in a market in Guangzhou. I entered a shop owned by a Chinese woman, she had two other young women and one man. I was with a friend who lived in China.

So i saw this nice sun shades, it was beautiful and very unique. I asked how much it was and the shop owner said it was 120 Renminbi. Do you know that as i tried it on and was asking my friend how it looked. One of the women was saying something to the shop owner and the other woman also joined. Little did they know that my friend understands Mandarin (Chinese language).

My friend said..”Iyke, can you imagine, this woman they tell the shop owner say she like the sun glasses wen you wear, say she wan buy am”. The shop owner told the woman that the glasses was only one(My friend was telling me all these) Now guess what; the shop owner suddenly took the glasses from me and said that the glasses is not for sale, that it’s a sample but forgetting she had already told me how much the glasses was.

My friend wanted to make trouble, but i asked him to skip, it was not worth it.

My Nigerian Experience

I went to Chicken republic to buy stuff and i was on the que. There were 2 lines and 2 attendants. Suddenly one Chinese lady enters and just walks up to the front and i was shocked that the attendant was taking her order.

But i was even more shocked that no one on the queue said anything; Trust me na! I yelled at the attendant. “What is the meaning of this”? She then said…”Sorry sir, i think say she dey line before”!!!

Mtschewwww…She don see oyibo na!! China oyibo!! Incredible

My Nigerian Experience 2

I was at V.I the other day and i wanted to take a taxi to Ikeja. I was standing along the road for about 3 minutes before i saw a taxi. I flagged the taxi down; the taxi man moved about a pole and stopped, i had to walk to meet him. It was when i got close that i even understood what happened.

There was a white man just where the taxi man stopped and the taxi man was leaning towards the drivers side asking him where he were going. The oyibo man did not even answer the taxi man. Obviously, he did not stop the cab man. “Chai, Guess Iyke, i don suffer”. The yeye taxi man overlooked me that stopped him and went to hustle oyibo man that did not even stop him!!!!

See Guess Iyke, i am not preaching xenophobia but i only wish Nigerians will give our self some worth. Where the heck is our self worth!!! It is because of how we have lowered ourselves that has made us so ‘worthless’. Please make sure you post this; I like your platform..Keep it up.


Thank you for writing this piece. Thank you also for your kind words of encouragement.

I will add only a point to what you have said;

Arguably: The reason why Nigerians are treated badly oversees could be because of atrocities committed by some Nigerians in the past. So for Nigerians that travel afterwards, infamy precedes us. “Note i said arguably”.

Thank you for sharing your TRUE STORY with GUESS IYKE. God bless u plenty.

Guess Iyke

Thank you for reading GUESS IYKE’s TRUE STORIES..Beta to follow you..

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