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JEALOUSY: “Is it possible for someone to display jealousy without knowing it”?

Does any of this make sense or is this just another weird question? *winks*

Make a pick A, B, C, D or just share your thoughts”

(A) Yes, it’s possible

(B) No, it’s not

(C) I’m not sure

(D) Weird question

Guess Iyke


  1. (A) Yes, it’s possible because the smallest insecurities you may have deep down speaks volumes without you know your doing it. For example, my friend is not a jealous person but she notices really pretty girls all day long and the reason is 1. shes human but 2. shes looking at what she wishes she looked like and it causes her to become jealous without her knowing it because she then becomes very self conscious about her body around her man idk if im saying this how i mean to lol

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