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Why Jose Mourinho refused to shake the hand of Mark Hughes

Hughes clashed with Mourinho after the United boss came close to his technical area, with the Stoke manager clearly telling his rival to stay in his own area in what appeared to be a feisty exchange.

Source has it that Hughes used ‘foul and abusive language’ when Mourinho told him to get out of his area, while there are also claims that he urged the fourth official to send the United boss to the stands.

That suggestion may have hit a raw nerve with Mourinho, who has been sent off on several occasions during his spells in charge of Chelsea and United, much to his chagrain.

Mourinho refused to be drawn on the reasons why he refused to shake the hand of Hughes at he final whistle, as he offered up these comments after the game.

“I prefer not to answer the question because your question is a bad question because it looks like is my fault, is my problem. And your question is not correct, I am sorry,” said Mourinho in his BBC interview.

“I don’t speak about stupid things, I’m too old for that, talking about stupid things is for stupid people.”

Mourinho then cut the interview short, leaving Hughes to give his version of what appeared to be something of a childish spat as he confirmed he pushed the United boss in the exchange.

“I pushed him because he was in my technical area,” Hughes explained.

“Maybe that’s why he didn’t want to shake my hand. Maybe it’s because it has to be viewed as a negative result for him, coming to Stoke when everybody expected them to beat us.

“It’s a negative. Sometimes managers of top-six clubs don’t take negative results too kindly. Sometimes, because they’re not used to having to take negative results, sometimes they react in the wrong way. Maybe he reacted in the wrong way.

“In fairness, I’ve got history with non-handshakes so maybe it’s me! Who knows?”

United remain at the top of the Premier League despite dropping their first points of the season, with Mourinho clearly not in the mood for jovial TV interviews after a frustrating result in a game his side had dominated for long periods.




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