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“Why you dey vex” with Chief Ibekah

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#WhyYouDeyVex – A solution oriented platform where we mix education and entertainment for viewers delight…Guess Iyke features Chief Ibekah. Watch out for the video as he #vents about Nigerian politics

The idea is simple:

* Why you dey vex? (#WhyYouDeyVex) : Is there anything in our society that bothers you? Marital issues, relationship issues, political issues, religious issues, education issues….anything at all. You just identify it and we will come interview you as you talk to us about it.

ibeka 1

It is not just enough to identify these issues which is where….Impact formular comes in

* Impact formular (#ImpactFormula) : So as you have identified this/these problem(s), what is your formula to solve it? Yes! And who said you…yes you, cannot provide a lasting solution to a problem in our society!

ibeka 2

* To make it easy, we will bring our whole camera crew to your door step! Yes, i said that. So if you have (1) Identified something in our society that bothers you and (2) You have a solution to it…Contact us on any of our social media handles and we will make arrangements to come shoot a video with you.

* “At least make your neighbours sef see say you get levels”….#teeth

ibeka 3

* All our videos are less that 5 mins so we won’t take up your time

“Can you lie to your partner to protect your relationship”? Find out his response in our video…

A GuessLinks Global Production

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