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Would you call someone who is persistently calling your partner’s phone?

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Topic – Would you call someone who is persistently calling your partner’s phone?

Key notes: Someone sent me this so i put it up.”Would you call someone who is persistently calling your partner’s phone?”. This someone is your partner’s opposite sex. Especially if you confront your partner and they say “we are just friends”. Would it make any difference if your partner is your; (1) boyfriend/girlfriend (3) fiancé/fiancée? (3) husband/wife




I am going to talk about this based on my personal experience. It is never a good idea to call that person that has been calling your boyfriend. Your priority should be your boyfriend. Sit him down and talk like civilized adults. Even if he still insist they are just friends, accept it. There is nothing hidden under sun. The truth will surely be revealed. Calling the third party means you are disrespecting yourself and proving to your boyfriend that you have self esteem issues.

Besides, we do no know who the other person is, calling to insult or warn the person to keep off can result to other issues. To keep our relationships from unhealthy arguments and fighting, it is best we accept what they tell us. The truth will surely find its way to us, if he is telling lies.



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Let me start by saying I’m speaking from experience.  I did it once and the outcome was not what I wanted. I ended up destroying my relationship. I know it hurts sometimes to be in this position even when you trust you partner to do the right thing and be honest.  But it’s one act I personally tagged “Going too far” even when married.

It’s very wrong and  totally unnecessary for couples who are not married. Why?  You are not married to him/her and they have the right to privacy completely as painful as it sounds they do.

The way to handle it is talk about it. I’m not also saying talking is the only option for a married person.  If my wife was doing that then I’ll have to find out who this person really is.  Ask questions and wait for REASONABLE answers. watch reactions during the call.  Etc.

But will never call. I don’t need to give someone else undeserved attention.  I failed once in my life for a mistake like this. If it’s getting out of hand I don’t really know the right step to take for someone who is only a girl friend but for a wife.  It will hurt that she can’t explain who calls her and is hurting me and our marriage without interference from her.

My advice from experience overall is NEVER MAKE THAT CALL.  Just watch and play cool. If she loves you her system will auto reboot and fix it.



If someone is calling my boyfriend, I may not take it personally,if it’s my fiancé, I will definitely confront him so that I won’t overthink  (She may not be what I think ) but if someone calls my HUSBAND persistently and he could not give me a reasonable reason for that,I will damn call her.

I won’t bother myself so much if you are my boyfriend because we aren’t for each other fully, fiancé must give me a good reason also but I may not stress it much because guys will always have answers for your doubt but my own HUSBAND?  (Lol),I will call her to know who she is and what she wants.

Zee cares

Guess Iyke

Guess Iyke

Thank you my analysts for your beautiful contributions. You guys rock.

“People do crazy things when they are in love”. And love can be found (in relationships), (during courtship) and of course (in marriage). As love cuts across – relationship, courtship and marriage – so does insecurity. Insecurity could manifest in – relationship, courtship and marriage -.

What causes insecurity? It could be a result of “a complex” or a consequence of “suspicious behavior or vibes from ones partner”. When love and insecurity are found in – relationship, courtship or marriage – rules are bent and many of us behave “irrationally”.

At that point when someone keeps calling your partner (boyfriend/girlfriend), (finace/fiancee), (husband/wife), especially if your partner cannot explain the situation, the one who picks the phone and calls back the “intruder” might not really be blamed for trying to protect what he/she has!

But the question is; Is that really the best solution? Does it solve the problem?

If someone is persistently calling your partner’s phone. The best person to solve that problem is your ‘partner’. I mean if your partner does not want the person to call him/her, the person would not. If your partner values “the relationship”, both of you have, he/she owes you the responsibility of explaining who the caller is and if the call is unhealthy and poses a threat to “the relationship”, it is your partner’s duty to put a stop to that caller, that is if your partner values “the relationship” both of you have.

If you call the “intruder”; i have seen many cases where it caused more harm than good. Besides who says that your partner cannot continue to meet up with the ‘intruder’ behind your back even if you call the intruder and the call stops?

“Would you call someone who is persistently calling your partner’s phone”?…I will not. The best person to sort things out with your “partner”. Even if your partner’s explanation does not hold water. Calling the intruder might possibly stop the call from coming in but might not necessarily stop the intruder.

Finally, the way that you approach your partner in this event might just be what will make the difference.

We really are all learners and i appreciate YOU my ANALYST’s for sharing your opinion. I look forward to more topics and your contributions. Thank you so much as we continue the conversation on this thread. Thank you for viewing Guess Iyke’s (ASD). You can join also our team of ANALYST’s.


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